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6/25/11 9:28 P

You're doing a good job! You've lost 30 lbs since you made that post! Keep it up, girl.

JULIABRU Posts: 20
6/24/11 11:45 P

I'd like to echo what other posters have been saying: David's Bridal is a good place to go. I'm a plus-sized woman and I got my dress there. They had a large selection to try on and I found one I really liked.

Even after buying the dress, I still worry about looking good. I think it's important to remember that your fiance loves you and your family and friends love you. No matter if you think you'd rather look thinner or (in my case) your bare arms make you uncomfortable, no one else will be looking at that and everyone will be blown away by how great you look :)

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6/24/11 11:47 A

I know how you feel! I've been getting excited about many aspects of the wedding but I won't even allow myself to think about the dress. I don't even want to walk into a bridal boutique until I've lost 40 lbs.

CHEECHEE8 Posts: 101
6/15/11 10:31 P

Keep your head up! Know you are BEAUTIFUL! Have you watched "Say YES to the dress" for the more voluptuous woman. It really educates you on styles that fits various body shapes. Everyone is so beautiful in their dresses no matter the size. Va-Boom! Know You Are Beautiful!

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6/10/11 12:51 A

I'm frightened to even go dress shopping yet. I know many times I end up so depressed after normal shopping that going dress shopping and not finding anything to fit that is in a style I like would be even more so. This may sound silly, but I've even had nightmares about not having a dress the day I get married. I'm pretty picky about what look I like and I know what looks good on me (and the sleeveless style doesn't, I'm broad shouldered even when I was a healthy weight so it is even more so noticeable now - seems the sleeveless look is what is hot right now). So I'll probably end up having a dress custom made by my mom and sister.

My fiance is a sweetheart and says he thinks I am gorgeous and says that's all that matters is what he thinks. I love him for that. But I want to be able to stand to look at my wedding photos. At the moment I can't even stand to look at my engagement photos because of how I look in them.

Hopefully I'll be able to find a dress someday, but I think I'm going to wait a few months before I think I can brave going in to stores to try dresses on. Right now I'm just too scared to go. Thankfully we are getting married April 2012 so I have a little bit of time!

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6/9/11 11:13 A

Dress shopping of any sort can be disheartening for all of us bigger girls on here. =/
Recently, I was shopping for a dress for a wedding (not mine yet) and it took forever and a few tears shed in the dressing room...but I eventually found an amazing dress.

But! Wedding dress shopping should be fun. It's your big day, the time for you to marry the man/woman of your dreams. =]

David's Bridal, Alfred Angelo, and Maggie Sorreto (sp?) all carry bigger sizes and honestly, they have some beautiful gowns. My favorite are the Maggie dresses. Also, if you go to a site like Kleinfelds, they have a huge selection of dresses in plus sizes to look at. Granted, they aren't modeled on bigger girls, but I was shocked to see all the gorgeous styles for us bigger girls.

Don't get discouraged. You might have to do some more research than the average thinner bride, but you will find a dress that accentuates in all of the places you want.

Good luck!

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5/24/11 12:46 P


I'm getting married next Oct (got pushed back a year due to health issues), I got my amazing dress at Alfred Angelo (size 24) with extra lenght because I'm also tall. They are different from David's bridal in that all their dresses go up to a size 30, you're not limited to their "plus-sized" collection.

5/24/11 10:36 A

I would really recommend checking out David's Bridal, if you haven't. They have very few styles that are "only" plus size, and so most of the dresses in the store are available in all the sizes they sell. Also, because they stock tons of samples, you aren't stuck trying on only dresses that are 5 sizes too small. Alfred Angelo has similar options, but is a bit more expensive. I got a strapless tea-length dress at David's (one of the few plus-exclusive styles) in a size 26. The other dresses I tried on were mostly strapless or goddess styles. I couldn't deal with the full skirts -- too hot and scratchy for me. But, the point is, they do offer a lot of options in-store. I know it's not the boutique experience everyone dreams of, but their dresses seem well enough made, and the prices are way reasonable.

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5/20/11 6:10 A

Reading this post made me smile. I think, as a big bride to be, i had the exact opposite reaction. I am a big girl, and my fiance, the absolute LOVE of my life is a very VERY fit male. The type you see on the work out commercials..all muscles and abs. Its very intimidating because my whole life I've been big, and never thought a man like that would look at me. Yet he tells me, as he has told me everyday since he came into my life, that he finds me the most beautiful thing in the world. So it was with excitement that I went with a friend to try on wedding dresses. What struck me was after my initial excitement, if it hadn't been for my friend I might not have tried anything on. I was feeling very intimidated. What surprised me even more, was that feeling of trying on my first wedding dress. Of seeing myself and not thinking of how fat i looked, or how big i may be. What crossed my mind was that i found myself, for the first time feeling truly beautiful. Just the idea of being in a wedding dress, walking down the isle to marry the love of my life, took all the insecurities I have of myself and kicked them out the door. I have a long way to go to my goals. But when you go to find that dress, and you try it on. Remember the reason your doing it, and it goes from being another "fitting" battle in a dressing room, to a moment of clarity about how the ones we love, truly see what we don't always believe.

5/17/11 7:04 P

I dig on everything wedding related. I have been planning my wedding over and over since I was a little girl I WAS SO TOTALLY JAZZED to go dress shopping.

However, I went into dress shopping knowing that the odds were not stacked in my favor as a size 24 bride. So I altered my expectations; I went into the situation knowing I would have to do more research than other brides. So I checked Yelp reviews of all the bridal salons in my area and those that said on their website that they had plus sizes, I actually called them to see how many they had. If they only had one rack of options, I passed. Some salons do have their inventory online, so it's nice to be able to check out options before you go. I did my research, and it paid off in the end. I ADORE my dress, and I had a great time dress shopping. I took women that were supportive of me, and who would give me their honest opinions, albeit very gently.

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5/16/11 4:53 P

I was having a difficult time getting excited about planning my wedding after I tried on dresses. Prior to dress shopping I couldn't not pick up a wedding magazine, I was always on, I was stoked.
I went in February with my future mother in law, who is adorable and awesome, and I just really really didn't like anything I saw, didn't like anything that they had, nothing I tried on, there were a couple of maybes, but nothing I loved.
Then I went shopping in March with a girlfriend, and again same thing, a couple of maybes, but a whole lot of, what the?!
Then a friend came to visit in April we went to another shop, and I tried on absolutely whatever the helper brought me and I was shocked when we did find the dress. It wasn't something I would have picked out for myself, but I was open minded and just took a leap.

So once you do find your bridal frock the excitement returns, I promise.

I truly believe that your fiance will be overwraught with emotion at the alter no matter what you wear. You're planning to marry the love of your life, right?

Also- have you watched David Tutera's- My Fair Wedding? I love that he doesn't have waif-like BtB's on the show. He always finds them some gorgeous gowns too. I highly recommend checking out his website. He's a hoot.

Cheers! You're getting married!

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5/4/11 7:57 P

Hello. I'm new to this community. I'm 29 years old and I weigh 291lbs. I'm finding it so hard to be excited about my wedding planning. Why? Because I'm a big bride-to-be. I'm BBW; and, the dresses offered to be BBWs are not like I imagined my wedding dress. I'm finding myself more self conscious and worried that I will look awful. BBW dresses tend to be more matronly or off the shoulder/sleeveless. These do not accentuate in the best way. I want to feel sexy, beautiful; and, above all, I want to make my groom-to-be drop his jaw to the floor.

Is anyone else out there finding it hard to enjoy planning their wedding due to their weight? We're surrounded by images of what brides should look like: small, thin. It's definitely giving me a terrible complex.


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