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Posts: 2,249
5/19/13 2:55 P

I actually wear only one contact in my right eye for distance and no contact in my left eye for reading. If I wore both contacts, I would have to wear reading glasses. I had a severe infection in my left eye and stopped wearing that contact. I was always afraid to tell my eye doctor that I only wore one lens. When I finally told him he said "that's monovision". It works well for me. Surprisingly, my right eye has improved. 15 years ago the strength of my prescription was 375, now its 150.

Posts: 13,004
5/19/13 1:47 P

I have monovision naturally, so I haven't found contacts that work well for me, but fortunately I can see pretty good distance in my left eye and in my right eye close up. They do keep improving contacts, though, so I'd keep trying different samples until you find what works for you.

Posts: 13,158
5/19/13 1:34 P

I have had good luck with mono vision contacts.

Posts: 972
5/19/13 10:39 A

I have just been prescribed my first bifocals. I usually only had reading glasses. I am considering contacts now that I have to wear my glasses all the time. Wasn't too sure how it would work out since I needed prescription lenses for both distance and reading. Nice to know there are options out there.

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Posts: 452
5/19/13 8:24 A

Suzanne, what a brilliant idea! I've never heard of using monovision for glasses. Does it work well for you? Better than bifocals? It sounds like something I may like to try!

Posts: 519
5/18/13 10:56 P

I wear monovision contacts --- one up close and one distance. Works well. Decided to use same prescription for my "backup" pair of glasses

Posts: 12,325
5/17/13 11:16 P

People whose distance vision is really weak often get contacts for that prescription (in both eyes) and then just wear reading glasses for close-up work. I actually have three prescriptions, myself (all for glasses): bifocals for office work; prescription distance-only sunglasses for outdoor work, sports, or daytime driving; and a stronger version of my distance-only prescription for driving at night.

Posts: 390
5/17/13 10:31 P

I wore mono-vision contacts like Janice describes for several years. Never had a problem. My glasses were bifocals. In 2005, I had lasik surgery and my eyes were lasered to the same monovision. My right eye is my reading eye and my left is distance. I have never been sorry I gave up the contacts for the lasik but I am now about to turn 60 and am back to reading glasses. Funny story though, last year, I took a Sherrif's gun class. While at the shooting range, the deputy with me asked "are you right handed or left handed". I was a little confused for a second and of course said I was right handed, "why ?" He said because you are holding the gun as a right handed shooter but you are aiming with your left eye! I never thought about it until then, it's just natural for me. Moral of the story...your body will adjust naturally.

Posts: 2,092
5/17/13 10:28 P

I agree with Janice. Wal-Mart's optometrist was very patient in working with me to get he RX just right. It took several visits and lens changes but they were courteous and helpful as I was getting use to this new way of seeing.

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Posts: 452
5/17/13 10:18 P

Hi there,

There are different styles of bifocal lenses. The style that seems to work best for me is one eye gets my reading prescription, the other my distance prescription. They test to see which is your dominant eye and then that eye gets the dominant prescription. Oddly enough, they work well!

Wal-Mart was really, really good with me in trying out the different kinds of lenses, for free, until we found the style that worked best for me. Make sure you go to a company that does this for you, too.

Best of luck,


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Posts: 54
5/17/13 9:35 P

I found out this week that I may have to have bifocals in the next couple of years. I was really upset, because I love my contacts far more than my glasses. i saw they have bifocal contacts available now. Does anyone use them? How did they work out for you?

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