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1/25/14 10:15 A

You might be surprised, I live here in rural Pa. and there are lots of small mom and pops cycle shops around me. You probably will get a better deal from them than shops in the big city.

Google you hometown by asking shops near it.

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1/25/14 8:03 A

Thanks for all the info.

There are of any bike shops near me so I will have to travel to a big city to get one.

Thanks again!

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1/24/14 6:11 P

Here's what I kind of read in your post.

1. You didn't want to spent a $1000
2. You wanted to do some grocery shopping with it. This requires panniers.

My suggestion would be to check out all you local bike shops to see if they sell use bikes and they should be really ready to get rid of them right now during winter. Just go before spring which is when they get top price.
Buy the used bike and then if you like it you always could get a better bike. Make sure they fit you either way though.
As others said either a hybrid or lighter weight mt. bike, or possible a leisure bike. If you get a good feel for the shop you probably can get a better component bike used than the new one.

If the shop tries selling you a bike before they even listen what kind of bike riding you want to do, run like crazy out of that shop as they are trying to sell you something they can't sell.

Most of the fun is the shopping for the bike so good luck.

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1/24/14 4:17 P

Another vote for a hybrid. I have a Trek for just the purposes you are describing Definitely go to a bike shop to get properly fitted. It makes a huge difference. And it is definitely worth it to spend a bit of extra money. Both of my bikes have years on them and thousands of miles and are still going strong with just replacing parts that wear out and annual tune-ups. If you price it out per ride and the gas saved, it's an amazing bargain. Definitely get a good helmet and lock.

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1/24/14 12:01 P

You may want to start my going to your local bike shop. These shops are not just for elite or hardcore cyclists. When you go there tell them what you want and your price range. Now might be a great time to eget a bike as they are tying to get rid of their 2013 models to make room for the 2014 ones. They will help you find the bike that meets those needs and will make sure it fits you.

Based on what you said, I would guess that a hybrid would be the way to go for you. It's a cross between a moutain bike and road bike. It has fatter wheels but is not as heavy as a mountain bike.

Good luck with what you decide. I can't wait for spring when I can get my bike out!!

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1/24/14 6:52 A

If you are going grocery shopping, you probably want to be looking at a full pannier rack, rather than just a basket.

Mountain bikes can still be ridden on the road (although probably with less chunky tires).

However, if you are looking at something that can handle State Park trails (although not rougher off-road terrain) while still allowing some load carrying capacity on-road, you are probably looking at the "hybrid bike" category (which includes elements of both road and mountain bikes).


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1/24/14 6:06 A

Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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1/24/14 2:35 A

I have always wanted to not only run but bike. With spring only a couple of months away I am interested in buying a bicycle to ride to my granma's house 2 miles away and the dollar general 6.6 miles away. I have also considered riding it to the Kroger's that is 10.1 miles away. I will be going with a purpose so I will need to be able to have a basket on the back so I can load a few groceries. I would also love to ride to the farmer's market that is 10.2 miles away.

My problem is that I do not know which bike to choose. I have seen road bikes, mountain bikes, leisure bikes, etc. I want a bike I can ride on the pavement or sometimes go riding at the state park on the trails that are paved.

Anyone have any suggestions? I am not looking for a $1000 bike.

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