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RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
9/26/10 4:21 A

Cudos for putting up with 9 kiddos! You need some help at home- get your 18 year old off the hands if not already helping you.. My two are both ADHDs but if I ask they nicely and say I am tired out of my brains even they will help me to avoid stress..

Try to keep a everyday life running- I had a depression and my kids were scared of me when I was angry...

You have alot of kids and little energy you need alot of huges..

If anyone out in sparks land lives near Justy drop in and grab a couple of kids for few hours.. She needs time to be herself...

emoticon emoticon I hope I don't frustration you more stating stuff... Big families have to pull together sometime to get the everyday life to hang together.. I hope you meet some friends on sparks whom live nearby...

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RUHBEHKA Posts: 62
9/24/10 11:01 P

No advice, just a hug. That sounds like a very stressful situation.

JUSTJUSTY Posts: 4,821
9/24/10 5:17 P

I am so frustrated right now I could loose control! There is so much I have to complain and *itch about that I feel like I am going EXPLODE! I am dealing with 9 kids ages 18-8, being attached to an oxygen tank cause I can't breath, being so over weight that I can't fit in any cloths, I haven't had the energy or stamina to shower myself in over a week, my air is so knotted at the top of my head from using a sleep apnea mask that I can't even comb it and a husband that works 50+ hours a week and eats extremely unhealthy! I know I should put myself first or how am I expected to care for anyone else... I know the drill... I am not stupid. I often feel like everyone has to take care of me cause I can't clean the house, do laundry, stand on my feet cooking for long periods of time and they don't really want to. What kids does? I don't need advice in sweet terms and suggestions that are plain as day. I need someone to step into my shoes and really understand what I am going through. I don't want to go to counseling or support groups, I don't even want to leave my house! Yes I take meds for depression and have spoken with my Dr. about it. I don't even want to post this because I'll probably hear things that just frustrated me more. Thanks for reading.

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