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2/12/14 5:12 P

I love big salads for lunch, and I also add sliced chicken, kidney beans, sliced eggs, or other kinds of healthy protein. Yum! It would taste good once or twice with a creamy blue cheese dressing, but I usually use a low-fat Italian dressing that gives me big flavor without a lot of calories. Some fat is essential, but not much. I find that kind of lunch very sustaining. In the old days when I ate a greasy sandwich and fries for lunch, I needed a nap by 1:00 pm.

2/12/14 3:53 P

Your salad sounds yummy! Hope you go easy on the bacon bits because they can add a lot of sodium. It's good you include the protein if the salad is your meal.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/12/14 3:51 P

since "bunny food" is the only thing I really eat except for an occassional piece of chicken or green fed beef, I can go over the 300 calories at meals. but my smoothies and salads run about that average 300. No pork will pass my lips so i don't do bacon bits. I don't do dairy either so no cheese and I usually just use lemon and olive oil. sometimes I will do other dressings, but not too much.
My salads also don't always have greens in them. Sometimes it is just shredded beets and carrots. sometimes i scrape out a spaghetti squash and mix it with cauliflower and other veggies. Sometimes i spiral cut my zucchini and add peppers, carrots, and seeds and make that into a salad.
salad doesn't always have to be greens.

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2/12/14 2:54 P

300 calories is a perfectly healthy total, and all those "extras" are simply a part of a balanced diet! No one should live on lettuce alone! It's fine and healthy to add t hat stuff. You just have to remember to account for it. 300 calories is fine for ANY meal!

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2/12/14 2:40 P

Yup, my salads work out to be around 300 cals also but have protein and fats to keep me full. You definitely need to mind your toppings and dressings for sure because it is super easy to over do it calorie/fat wise and think you're being healthy.

That's why I track every bite that goes into my mouth. Little things sure can add up and my 'oh it's just a salad' can actually be a whole meal in itself!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/12/14 1:25 P

If you're eating your salad as a side to a main meal, green salad is fine. If you're trying to make a meal out of it - you pretty much have to add the bits! 300 calories is a normal sized lunch for me.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/12/14 1:22 P

lol, I have to add cheese/chicken to a salad for a meal in order for me to stay full.

If I just eat a salad with lettuce and tomato as a meal, I am starving in 2 hours!

AMY102090 Posts: 716
2/12/14 1:19 P

I think that sounds like a perfect lunch! Sounds yummy too! I fix my salads to end up being around 350 calories.

But, yes, I see what your point is in that you need to be aware of everything you put into any meal as those calories can really add up. Some "salads" at a restaurant can actually have more calories/fat than a cheeseburger and fries.

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2/12/14 1:18 P

Spark People has an article up about healthy salad choices and to eat your salad before anything else at a meal. I wish I had the link to post right now, but I don't...sorry!

Just limit the toppings some...use low fat cheese and light dressings. Those olives are full of careful there :)

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2/12/14 1:13 P

What's wrong with a 300 calorie lunch?

But yes, that's about how my own salads work out in calories, when I eat them. I like to include an egg, seeds, and Italian-style dressing in mine, besides the obvious vegetables.

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2/12/14 12:54 P

Been eating salads for lunch because it's fast, easy and healthy. But watch what you put in it, because the extrtas can really add up. I usually start with some iceberg lettuce, and some mixed greens, adding a spoonful of bacon bits and sesame seeds. Then I add either some chicken breast, or about an 8th of a cup of cheddar or mozzarella shredded, or about a third of a cup of kidney or black beans. (Not all of the ones just listed, but only one sourse of protein. Then I add about 5 green olives, a tomato wedge and beets. I add my light dressing and there you have it. But this can add up to over three hundred calories easily. Of course I do walk about twenty minutes of my lunch hour BEFORE I eat, and I drink water. Salads are still a better option than anything else the cafeteria at work offers. Still I'm going to try making my salads at home and opting out of a few things.

Just as I was tracking I was noticing how many calories my healthy lunch was wracking up, and wanted to give a warning yell to all of you fellow lunchtime grazers. emoticon

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