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1/13/13 4:50 P

Posture wish I had great posture it seems over the last few years my friend began telling me my posture was no posture ummm then I caught myself sloughing besides yoga what else is there I try correcting myself but at times when I'm sitting on floor it's hard to keep my posture

SBECKER526 Posts: 1,515
1/13/13 4:28 P

I do pilatesfor 10 to 15 min and some yoga in a class. It has helped. Thanks

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1/13/13 2:14 P


Having good posture is extremely important, regardless of age. Do you do yoga or pilates ? Doing either would be another great way to improve your posture. Good posture has always been emphasized in any class I've ever taken.

These days, with so many people hunched over a computer, we really do need to pay closer attention to our posture.

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1/13/13 1:38 P

Posture is so important! I spend a lot of time in front of my computer. This time last year, I was hunched over a coffee table, perched on pillows in my living room on my couch. I got a good desk and a proper chair, and ty to be far more aware of my posture. Bad posture causes more than just more noticeable pooches, it makes your back hurt, your joints ache, and more!

SBECKER526 Posts: 1,515
1/13/13 12:33 P

I want to look thinner and know that better posture helps. It also relieves stress on the diaphragm. I try to take deep breaths before I leave the house. I then do some dynamic stretches (I'm 63 so I need to loosen up). I then check that my shoulders are back and down. I see how straight I am standing. I suck in my gut and tighten my glutes. I feel better afterward.

Now I'm ready for the world. I also try to lie on the floor and stretch at the end of each workout.

I use the mirrors in the gym to see my posture.

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