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HVERONE441 Posts: 19
7/27/11 3:02 P

I 100% agree! I have my treadmill set up in my room, with my ps2 baseball game in. I usually do a video from comcast on demand for about 20-30 minuts, but when i feel like hittin the treadmill, I out the game in, and the time flies by. Unfortunately, my family is usually asleep in the am when i workout, so I mix it up. Great advice!

DWROBERGE Posts: 343,011
7/22/11 7:24 P

dumbells and elliptical trainer.

SLINKERD SparkPoints: (0)
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7/21/11 2:27 P

I would end up with motion sickness.

DWROBERGE Posts: 343,011
7/18/11 11:50 P


HGSGUY SparkPoints: (175,092)
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7/15/11 10:21 P

I couldn't do that either! BUT, if it works for you that is great! I do have a Wii and have had some workout fun on that. I was all manly and did EA Active on the advanced level. Three days later when I could move again, I tried it an easier level!

The best workout gizmo is the one that gets you to workout!

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7/14/11 6:00 P

I couldn't do it. I jog or walk at a quick pace on a decent incline, and would get dizzy trying to play a small-platform game or read. All I can do is turn on the TV and either find something or hope the DVR has a taped show stashed for me.

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7/14/11 3:51 P

I have a workout tool for you to use that should help you. It's helped me immensely to cope with the monotony of cardio and my ADHD.

Nintendo DS

That has been the single most effective piece of exercise equipment I ever bought. If you have trouble focusing, then just pop in a game you can zone in on while you're walking on the treadmill. I often find myself enjoying my game and barely even notice the time going by until the machine beeps and tells me my 60 minutes is over. At this point I'll often dial it back up for another half hour because I want to play a few more turns!

The trick to this is twofold:

First, you need a type of game you can actually play while working out. I favor turn-based strategy games like Final Fantasy Tactics, because they are really engaging while requiring no timing, coordination or reflexes. Turn based games also wait for you if you need to "catch up" on the treadmill, and can be set down when you need to grab a drink, etc. Whatever type of game is your thing, just go with that and see if you can play that type of game on a cardio machine without falling lol. It's trial and error, but the result is worth it.

Second, you need to relegate your games to the category of "exercise fodder," forbidding yourself from playing them unless you're actively exercising. This will make the games last longer for you and also create added incentive to exercise, which is always helpful :)

After a full year of using this strategy, I've dropped tons of weight and my cardiovascular health has significantly improved, overall endurance levels way up.

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