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4/22/13 7:07 P

First of all, congratulations on your weight loss so far. That's great!

Chest presses certainly couldn't hurt. I'd also do push ups, rows, burpees, chest flys, squats, lunges and deadlifts among other things to lose weight all over.

When you get closer to your goal weight you'll really be able to see all that sexy muscle. emoticon

Combine the weight training with a sensible diet and you can reach your goal weight. emoticon

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4/22/13 4:42 P

BRITTTURTLE: Chest presses do nothing to reduce the size of your breasts. Did you read the thread?

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4/22/13 3:09 P

If you figure out a way to get rid of it, please mail some to me! The boobs are the first place I lost weight and it makes me all kinds of sadz.

4/22/13 2:22 P

Chest press

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4/22/13 1:00 P

Online Now  • ))
There is NO workout to target weight reduction in your breasts.

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4/22/13 12:22 P

My breast are the same size no matter how much I weight! I agree with the others: genetics and your weight will determine the size of your breasts.

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4/22/13 10:57 A

Breast tissue is not muscle. There is no workout for you to do to reduce your breast size. And improving the pecs, the muscle beneath, only will have a nominal effect on changing your overall look. Excessive sagging from overstretched skin and tissue would have to be surgically corrected.

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4/22/13 10:54 A

JENSTRESS: That happened to my mom. After she had me, she lost all the weight, but the boobs stayed, badly enough that she had back problems (She's very petite... 5'3 to my 5'7). She had to have breast reduction surgery to correct it!

I got her boobs, but fortunately, my frame can carry it. I would love to be a cup size smaller, though!

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4/22/13 10:48 A

Some people would call you lucky!!! My breasts are also one of the areas to lose first. I'm not genetically programmed for large tatas.

We all carry weight a little differently. For example. If I were thin, and gained weight, the first place it would go is my thighs. My pants would get too tight there, but still be big in the waist. My shirts would be fine. That is just how I gain. When I lose, that is the area that is most stubborn. Yes, it comes off of that area, but not as quickly or seemingly efficiently as other areas.

My sister - in - law, however, gains weight and carries it more in her chest and stomach, upper body. Her legs could be close to the same size as mine, but she has to buy larger pants to fit her in the waist, and her arms and chest wouldn't allow her to wear tops that I easily fit into. When she loses, it comes off her waist and chest, but at a much slower rate than her legs.

So, like dragonchilde mentioned, it is due to genetics. Keep working out, and it will eventually come off. However, breasts are funny. If you reach your goal area, and they are still large, you may just be blessed with very large breasts, and might have to look into getting a reduction.

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4/22/13 10:42 A

Unfortunately, there's no way to target weight loss. Where you lose weight is primarily determined by genetics, so the only cure for your case is to continue to lose weight. Fat loss is a total-body process. For example, my breasts were one of the first places I had to lose weight! That's a genetic thing.

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4/22/13 10:37 A

HELP!!! I have lost almost fifty pounds and I am dropping sizes except in my breasts! What is the best workout to help with that?

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