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1/3/13 10:09 P

Sounds like you have a good plan. The key is consistancy -- day after day and week after week. You're only human, so you may have a stumble or setback along the way -- that's to be expected. What matters is what you do next. (Hint: the right answer is get right back on track!)

Don't try to do too much too soon with exercise -- slow and steady (and sustainable!) really does win this race. It took me a while to figure out that, at least for weight loss, I had much more success with moderate (but regular!) workouts than with long, hard workouts.

I also learned that diet (what and how much) I eat matters even more than how much exercise I get in terms of both weight loss and maintenance. I watch calories overall first and foremost (though I have a pretty large range now that I'm in maintenance) -- but also important is making sure that my nutrition is good. I've noticed that if my nutrition has not been good, I will be hungrier (regardless of calorie intake.)

For motivation, try taking pictures and measurements regularly, in addition to your weigh-ins. As you get smaller, you'll notice looser clothing, etc. as well. Celebrate these milestones!

When the going gets tough -- seek out help and support. Spark is great for that, but use whatever resources you have available! Get your friends and family on board with your plan. The people in my life were (mostly) incredibly supportive and a great help along my journey.

Good luck -- and congrats on beginning the journey!

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (202,359)
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1/3/13 7:54 P

That is a very ambitious goal. I hope that you are successful, but please do it in a healthy way, and if your weight loss is slower than you'd hoped, stick with the program and you will eventually reach your goal.

SILLEEINSD SparkPoints: (3,491)
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1/3/13 7:50 P

I am 41 years old and trying to lose 100 lbs by 2014. I think with good eating habits and plenty of rest and exercise, it's a realistic goal. I love all the support on SP.

MARKDORENE SparkPoints: (119,461)
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1/3/13 7:25 P

exercise and diet

DETERMINED2B150 Posts: 4
1/3/13 5:19 P

Congratulations on making the decision to lose 130 pounds! I want to lose 140 pounds and i'm 48 years old so were on the same page. I've made the decision to stay prayed up, remain positive, eat right, exercise and......whatever it takes to love me again and be whole. Let's do this!

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9/11/12 3:57 A

First off congratulations on setting forth such a lofty goal. The journey is not going to be easy, but its definetly an obtainable and gratifying goal. Stay steady on your goals and remember the big picture. You're not going to lose 5-10lbs a week, but 2lbs/wk(very doable) will get you to your goal by the end of the year. I've seen a few people accomplish this goal since I've been in the gym. Hopefully you will be the next. Good Luck!

MSLOULOU336 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/9/12 11:25 P

I have something to say, you are on the right track! You are doing something positive! Keep it up, slow and steady.

MSLOULOU336 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/9/12 11:23 P

Hi, I am new to this site and this board. I have about 130 pounds to lose and I am over fifty years old. I find it hard to do exercise. I do like to aqua walk in my Mom's pool for 60 mins and I can ride a cursier bicycle for 3 miles. I can walk for one mile, but I can't do two yet. My feet have been hurting me a lot this week and I think it is because the lack of support in the summer shoes. I wore my tennis/sneakers once last week on a day it was cool and it felt good.
My food habits is more on the good side with healthy veggies and some fruit, but it is quantity that gets me. I consume too much food with not enough exercise.
Next is a total lack of motivation......this is my biggest let-down. I join a Bible Study Weight Lose group last Saturday so I hope I will gain some spiritual motivation. If anyone would like to share a motivations Bible verse with me, please do.
That is it for now, feedback is welcome.

8/7/12 5:25 P

In terms of fitness it sounds like you're off to a great start. Like everyone here is saying 1-2 pound loss a week is perfectly reasonable.

Diet is as important as fitness, and that's especially true. I'm trying to lose 120 pounds and the first 40 came off with just three months of healthy eating habits and reduced calorie intake. It's really important that you're supply your body with the best fuel possible.

100 pounds in a year is a great goal to get a perspective. At the same time being married to those numbers can work against you. Some people want to weigh less than what's natural for their body, or don't take into account that muscle gain weighs a lot more than the fat lost. There's nothing wrong with altering your goals along the way as you get better acquainted with your body and it's needs.

Good luck on your journey!

JODITEE Posts: 87
8/7/12 5:21 P

Many people are there and the best way is just to work it each and every day. Dont give up!

8/7/12 1:32 P

Consistency. There will be plateaus, don't worry about it, just keep going. You will need the trio of proper diet, cardio and strength training. Don't get hung up on doing it in 1 year. Variety is also helpful so you don't get bored and burned out doing the same thing all the time. This applies to food and exercise.

Good luck, there is lots of support here and people with goals just like yours


BRITOMART Posts: 7,955
8/7/12 1:18 P

Only pound at a time. 100 is a big number; 20 times 5 is much less daunting. Make smaller goals, and, when you reach one, reassess your program.

Once you have lost the weight, you'll want a lifestyle you can really live with; best to start developing that now, so if your program (which is really good) works for you, think about how you'll feel down the road.

I wish you great successes!

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CREOLE24 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/7/12 12:20 P

I hope we can motivate eachother having a similar current weight and goal. Good Luck!

CREOLE24 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/7/12 12:19 P

I am new and looking forward to learning from all of you. Thank you in advance.

4/4/12 10:47 P

I am on the same journey. good luck! we can do this! 1 pound at a time.

CASEYTALK Posts: 992
4/4/12 10:02 P

You're doing the right things. Read articles on here, join support teams, ask questions. Set shorter term goals, too, such as one inch off your waist or to be able to walk farther next month than you can now. When you meet your short term goals, it feels really good. I have a long way to go, but I have fewer than 10 pounds to go to reach my next big milestone and I'm going to be dancing all day when I hit that!

As the others have said, there's nothing wrong with having your goal be 100 pounds in a year. Nothing wrong with it at all! the important thing, though, is to set your self going in such a way that, when next year comes around and you've 'only' lost 70, you won't consider that a failure. ANY progress is still progress and by taking your time to do it right you're going to be on your way to the goal after that -- much more important and much trickier! To KEEP off the weight you've lost once you lose it.


WAY2WILD21 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/4/12 8:36 P

Oh good a question I can answer from expierence :) at the start of january 2011 i was 265lbs by october 2011 I was 165lbs so in 10 months I accomplished that. I did cardio at least 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes at a little above average pace it's important to keep heart rate up. As far as weight training I did 3 set of 10 on each muscle group 3 days a week. I also kept my calories under 1500 a day. Stick to good foods lean meats chicken, turkey, fish, etc. Fruits and Veggies. Lay off breads as much as you can extra carbs that aren't burnt off turn to fat. Good Luck stick with the basics exercise, healthy diet, and stay focused.

4/4/12 5:54 P

Good for you! I'm trying to do the same thing. I've lost about 30 pounds since the first of January by eating 1200-1500 calories per day and walking an hour a day. Progress isn't always as fast and linear as I'd like, but I recently had to buy new pants and I've dropped three sizes. (OK, the new ones are a little tight, but I'm planning on reverse-growing into them.) Just keep going, the rewards are great.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
4/4/12 12:38 P

I think everyone is right. The best way is to realize you might not be able to lose all 100 pounds. BUT you might! Work hard. That is what I have to say, Work hard and do not give up. Because you are going to have to work harder than you ever have, and you are going to have to stick with it when you feel like giving up ALL THE TIME. And then, also, realize that this is something you have to maintain FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. The working out, the eating right, that has to stay. It doesn't mean you can never have ice cream or whatever again, just means that you have to learn healthy eating habits and not do anything drastic, because it isn't a temporary fix. But you can do it. If I can do it, ANYONE can. I had the WORST eating habits. I have no other reason I am overweight, just BAD eating habits!

DARRLENE13 SparkPoints: (108,427)
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4/4/12 11:51 A

People always say that you didn't put it on over night and you can't expect it to come off over night. While that is true, it still was a lot easier to put it on. I would like to lose 100 pounds in a year too. It is hard. I have been going at it for a month. I was losing pretty good---about 10 pounds. But the last 2 days I have gaines .8 pounds each day. It is very frustrating, but I am going to keep trying.

4/14/11 12:17 P

I was determined to lose 100 pounds in a year. I lost 50. Is that a failure? Hell no!!! I lost 50 pounds!!!

Keep doing what you're doing, it sounds like a great plan. I just want you to realize that even if you do everything right, it may take longer than a year to lose it all. And that doesn't make you a failure.

DIANNEMT Posts: 12,070
4/14/11 12:06 P

1-2 pounds a week--it took time to put it on, it will take time to take it off. But just keep at it!! And don't give up when the scale gets "stuck" cause it will. That is when you try something new or work harder instead of giving up or eat a little more (doesn't seem like the right thing but might do it). And look to SP for continued motivation! Good luck!

LEFTOVERS4LUNCH SparkPoints: (0)
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4/14/11 11:54 A

It sounds like a great plan! Make sure every few weeks you mix up your program so your body doesn't get too used to what you are doing. As you get in better shape, start incorporating HIIT (high intensity interval training) in to your schedule. I like to do it for 15 minutes after a weight session.

And remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint so take it one day at a time and make sure you are listening to your body.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 64,987
4/14/11 11:33 A

Your plan sounds like a good one. Just keep in mind that at this point, 2 lbs per week is a reasonable goal. But as you get closer to your goal weight, your weight loss is going to slow down. For example, with 50 lbs left to lose, 1 lb per week is probably reasonable. So try not to focus too much on losing all of the weight in 1 year. As long as you're continuing to make progress and you're feeling good, that's what matters most.

Coach Jen

MWOOD271 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/14/11 10:55 A

I have just started out on my journey to lose 100 lbs in 1 year. I follow the spark people cal, carbs, fats, and proteins. I have been going to the gym every mon,tues,weds,thurs,and friday, but only doing strength training m,w,and f. I spend about 1 hour at the gym at a time, and then on saturdays I walk about 3-4.5 miles. Sunday is my day of rest. I hope I am doing this right, and please if any has anything to say to help. I need to know I can do this, and that I am doing this the right way :)

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