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6/28/13 10:12 A

Ugh I feel your pain! Hard tile floors are no good some days!!!

I wear all black, and some days if my legs are bothering me, I'll wear my dress pants, and I have a pair of black Pumas that almost look like dancer shoes as opposed to real tennis shoes.

But for my flats, I've tried (and still haven't found perfect ones yet) doing heel inserts to help support my arch and the ones I tried helped a lot, but they bumped my foot up too high and then my shoe gave me a blister lol.

If you can get away with doing a more low-profile sneaker, try it, or even ask your boss if it would be ok and explain your situation. Better to ask and know than wait and wonder!

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6/28/13 3:57 A

Do you know the underlying cause of your knee pain (eg injury)? If not, you could have poor alignment in your legs when you walk, and this is exacerbated by the shoes you wear for work. Try standing barefoot with your feet hip width apart. Do you feel equal pressure on the insides and outsides of your feet? Are your toes pointed forward? Are your knees aligned with your toes? If the answer to one of those is "no", then you probably do have bad habits that are contributing to your knee pain, and you should probably consult a doctor to find out what sort of shoes (or orthotic inserts) you should be wearing.

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6/28/13 3:12 A

I had a knee injury last year and my Chemist said to get a pair of trainers that supported the ankle. This I did and I found that I could walk ok (no running).

I also found that if I walked with my toes pointing at a bit off centre that helped.

6/28/13 2:15 A

Hi all,

Sorry this is a random question for this forum, but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on:

A) The best shoes for working
B) Good business-casual shoes for work. I work in retail & I am constantly on my feet. My shoes right now are extremely uncomfortable & causing pain in my knees. Anyone else have this problem? I can't find a lot of comfortable business-casual shoes that are good for constantly walking around in.


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