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2/4/14 3:29 P

Quest bars, hands down.

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2/4/14 8:55 A

I love kind bars especially the dark chocolate with peanut butter, but i try not to eat them unless I am in a big jam because they can be expensive and I am trying to watch my food budget.

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2/4/14 7:52 A

I really like Life Choice brand, you can get them at Walmart. They have different kinds of bars but the high protein bars are 21g protein and taste pretty good for a protein bar lol

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2/3/14 9:56 P

I love the Quest protein bars - they have so many different flavors and most of the ones I have tried are delicious! My favorite is probably apple pie or cinnamon roll flavored. I order boxes of a dozen bars from Amazon whenever I need some more.

I've also found some recipes on Pinterest that teach you how to make your own protein bars. While this is time consuming it is less pricey than buying protein bars, plus you know exactly what it is that you're eating. :)

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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/3/14 5:01 P

OMG - JERF- The dark chocolate sea salt ones are to die for!!!

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2/3/14 4:54 P

I like Nature Valley Peanut Butter protein bars. I buy them at Costco.

You don't have to eat the whole thing.
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2/3/14 4:20 P

I really like the Kashi GoLean Crunch/Crisp Bars. Come in 4 flavors and are full of great ingredients, no extra sugars. Have 9gm of protein and a bunch of fiber to help keep you full.

I also switched from regular oatmeal to the Kashi GoLean Hot Cereal in Vanilla, same deal tons of protein, plus whole grain, flax seed, omegas, all sorts of good stuff with an excellent ingredient list.


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2/3/14 12:41 P

I would go for something natural like: a cheesestick, fruit, cut veggies in ziplock, tuna packet, green smoothie, yogurt cup, green bean to--go cup.

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2/3/14 10:27 A

I really like the low sugar Kind bars for an on the go snack.

The Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Cinnamon are good too with only 5g of sugar per bar.

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2/3/14 10:13 A

Protein bars can be quite deceiving as they usually contain loads of sugar and fats.
Try and find protein or energy bar with no - to minimum sugar, low in fats, but high in protein :)

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2/3/14 6:49 A

Here's an article you might find helpful:

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2/3/14 6:25 A

What are the most nutritious protein bars? I have been having oatmeal in the morning but have started to get a walk in before I leave for work. I'm looking for something I can throw in my purse and take with me.

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