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2/1/14 10:46 P

I like to wear it either on my shoe or on my pants near my hip.

MRS_FIG Posts: 3
1/24/14 7:38 P

Ok, thanks everyone!! I will try it on both my waist (good to know to keep it more on the hip area) and shoe and see what works best. For jogging/running the shoe area makes a lot of sense, and I'll wear it on my waist the rest of the time (not sure I could attach it to my flats or heels during the workday lol!) I really appreciate everyone's input!

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1/21/14 6:49 A

I keep mine attatched to my sock on my left foot, for if its on my right I get steps I didnt take like for driving ect, I can feel it against my leg that way and dont fear losing it as much also when I have been working out it has been tracking pretty acutate for my workouts

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1/20/14 4:52 P

Just wanted to add, that if using a glider or Gazelle type of equipment to put it on your hip or bra. It won't pick up on your shoe. I did a half hour on the Gazelle one day it registered nothing, as I usually keep it on my shoe.

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SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 35,383
1/20/14 10:41 A

Yes, the shoe is going to be the most accurate place for wearing the Spark. Below are some tips for placement that you may find helpful:

- If you wear on your shoe, make sure it is flat on your laces and parallel to ground with the open end of the clip pointing towards the toe. Also make sure it is firmly clipped and not flopping around - we find its best to try to get it through at least 2-3 laces (which really snugs it down).

-If wearing on your bra, try with clip to the skin and the tracker to the outside. If that doesn’t work, try wearing it on the cross strap (not the shoulder strap) towards the side of the body near the underarm. We have seen this give better results for some body types as it helps to hold the tracker securely to the body. But we would still recommend trying it on the shoe or waist first if possible.

- If you wear on your waist, make sure the open end of the clip is pointing towards the ground. Also try to wear as close the outside of your hip as possible.

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1/19/14 9:24 P

I have an activity tracker...the best and most accurate place to wear it is on the top part of your shoe, where your foot is flat. I attach it to my shoelaces and it tracks every step.

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1/19/14 7:12 P

I used to wear mine on my bra and it differed significantly in the number of steps measured by my pedometer. I changed it to my shoe and now they are almost the same. When I had a fitbit, it registered ALL activity. I don't think the Spark Activity Tracker registers all the activity. I still love it!

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1/19/14 3:04 P

Don't have one yeat but this is good to know. Thanks!

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1/19/14 2:21 P

Most pedometers and activity meters seem to do better around your waist. Your bra is going to be the furthest point away from motion without getting to your head! I haven't used this one myself, yet, but I think that your waist would probably be a better option.

As a side note: Glad I'm not the only grownup who carries around a 3DS all the time. ;)

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MRS_FIG Posts: 3
1/18/14 11:46 P

My husband and I just got back from a trip to Disney World where we spent *all day* walking, and I was very excited to see how many steps my spark activity tracker would pick up. Well, my husband wears two trackers (a fitbit on his wrist and a 3ds in his pocket) and every day he had significantly more steps than I did! For example, one day both of his tracked roughly 23,000 steps, and mine only counted 12,000--and we spent the exact same amount of time walking and we have identical strides, so that not where the difference is coming from. The only thing I was thinking is that I wear mine on my bra, so maybe it just doesn't pick up the same amount in that spot? Has anyone had something similar happen to them? Is there a better place to wear it? Thank you! =)

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