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1/4/14 1:35 P

I use my god given ability to check my pulse or listen to my breathing. I do not see a purpose in them unless you are making sure you do not have a heart attack or you are training for a big event.

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1/4/14 1:34 P

I have a Polar F4, which I like quite well. It's sort of an intermediate model and is water proof, so one is able to use it for swimming. I've had it almost 2 years and it's still working well. Just today I was reading that the battery life on the watch is about 1 1/2 years, so I'm overdue for a new battery. My manual says to preserve the waterproof feature, it's best to let a Polar representative change the battery. Now, this could be a huge inconvenience.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,605
1/4/14 1:23 P

A lot of people like polars, I have a much more inexpensive Pyle sport HRM and it works perfectly fine.


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1/3/14 10:30 P

I got a Polar FT4 for Christmas and I really like it. :)

LOGICALLIE SparkPoints: (42,856)
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1/3/14 4:29 P

I bought my Polar F6 on eBay for $100 six years ago--and I still use it. I've had to change the battery out, but I've found that local jewelry shops can do it in no time. It's probably the best, most well-used fitness gadget I have.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
1/3/14 2:01 P

I also love my Polar FT7. Polar is easy to use, accurate, and works well, and they have a range of models at lots of price points for anything you need to do - running, swimming, get full training programs, and so on. I'm a happy customer and would use them in the future.

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LOTUS737 Posts: 2,033
1/3/14 12:00 P

i love polar ones as well- my first one lasted a few years and i'm picking out a new one now!

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 59,371
1/3/14 6:10 A

Here's an article you might also find helpful:

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1/3/14 1:09 A

Thanks. I had either the ft4 or Ft7.. It was good and lasted a couple years.

PDUNCAN04 SparkPoints: (6,386)
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1/3/14 12:58 A

I have a polar f4. I do like it. The battery is kind of a pain to deal with if it goes out. I use a treadmill and it picks up my heart rate so I can see it on the display. The f4 is realitively inexpensive. I hope this helps!

KILLEREYEZ83 SparkPoints: (4,516)
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1/3/14 12:48 A

I am looking for a new heart rate monitor.. Mine completely broke although I have had it for a few years now. What is the best heart rate monitor? What do you have? Do you like it?

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