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SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,228
12/6/12 11:27 A

Another vote for cheap stretchies. I bought a bunch from Old Navy last year when they went on sale; I think I got the two pair sets for 69 cents each! Even not on sale they are very reasonable, and you can layer if a single pair is not warm enough. My experience is that I will find I warm up within a mile or two and won't want gloves anymore, so if I did decide not to hold on to them during a run I wouldn't stress over disposing of them since they were so cheap!

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WDWCHICK Posts: 751
12/6/12 9:44 A

My husband bought me a pair of Under Armour gloves last year. They are light enough to run with but keep my hands nice and warm.

I do like the idea of stretchy gloves for nose running. That happens to me all the time. :)

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12/6/12 9:34 A

Thanks everyone! I'll try out some of these ideas until I find something that works.

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12/5/12 8:49 P

Honestly, I just use the cheap stretchy ones. Anything heavier and I get too warm.

12/5/12 8:01 P

I just wear socks as mittens that way I can mop up a runny nose then throw them in the wash.

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12/5/12 7:18 P

buy mittens with the terry snot wipe. If it's really cold, stick an instant hand warmer in there and add a 2nd layer of the cheap stretchy gloves.

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12/5/12 3:40 P

This is what I wear:

My hands get pretty darn sweaty in those that sometimes I have to take them off. I love 'em!

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12/5/12 3:39 P

Haha, I just put on cheap gloves and make sure the sleeves of my fleece cover my hands. I have short limbs so this works for me

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12/5/12 3:35 P

As it is getting chillier and I'm heading into my first winter as a runner my hands are getting cold. My ski gloves just seem too bulky and I bought some that were for running but they just aren't warm enough below 40. Any recommnedations for cozy gloves for running?


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