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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
5/22/12 3:30 P

LOL, what would "locking the fat and muscle together" actually mean, anyway?

I've certainly heard that you shouldn't ST before you lose weight (false), but not for THAT reason. That's crazy and you should tell that friend you aren't going to be taking any further weight loss advice from them.

Some say ST only minimises muscle loss, so you'll lose less "weight" but it's more "fat".

Others say helping to maximise your lean body tissues will help you burn more calories every day and lose even more fat.

Some studies show people who ST do lose more fat than people who do everything else the same but don't ST.

Some other studies show cardio is more a key to losing fat.

What we can take from all of this is ... NOTHING IS CERTAIN.

But strength training is helpful for a healthy body, strong bones, strong muscles, functional fitness, and generally useful to some extent in losing fat, so do it. Whether it would help or hinder your "weight" loss is probably not really measurable. Brushing your teeth every day won't help you lose weight either, but I bet you do that. Some things are just good for us regardless of their effect (or not) on "weight loss".

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,437
5/22/12 7:42 A

Absolutely not true. In fact, the very opposite is the case.

Without strength training, up to 25% of your weight loss can come from lost muscle, rather than fat. Including strengtht training helps you to at least maintain your existing muscle, and ensures that more of your weight loss comes from fat alone.

Also, muscle burns calories even at rest, and over time this lost muscle can slow your metabolism, making longer term weight loss harder.

ST should be part of your program NOW.


SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,435
5/22/12 7:15 A

The previous posters are correct- that is a myth. Cardio and strength training are both an important part of any exercise program.

Coach Jen

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5/22/12 7:04 A

HIIT will help you lose weight. strength will help you lose some but also tone up your body.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
5/22/12 3:50 A

Strength training won't halt your weight loss. It has sped mine up. Without strength training I lost 3kg and stalled for months. WITH ST I have lost 8.5kg and I'm still going strong.

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5/22/12 3:48 A

That is not right. ST will not lock your fat, but prevent you from losing muscle, and as a result you will lose less weight. But this is not a disadvantage, because you would not want to lose your muscles, because they are what hold your skeleton and internal organs together. There are a number of health risks associated with weak muscles.

Also, when at a caloric deficiency, you can't build muscle. So ST will only help you minimize the muscle lost. That is all.

Of course, if you don't do any ST, you will reach your target weight quicker, but roughly a quarter of weight lost will be your lost muscles.

RUSSTHESKIGUY SparkPoints: (3,762)
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5/22/12 1:36 A

Hmmm, that is pretty funny actually. I have never heard that before. But to answer your question, no that is definitely not true. Strength training is an important part of a weight loss plan, and a vital part of a fat loss plan. If you don't strength train at all and you are losing weight, you will lose some of your muscle as well, which will slow your metabolism and also won't help the way you look. Your goal should be fat loss, not just weight loss and strength training is vital to prevent muscle loss while losing fat. It does not lock fat and muscle together.

Good luck.

5/22/12 1:15 A

Is it true if we shouldn't do strength exercise if we wan to loose weight? My friend told me to do only cardio training because strength training will lock the fat and muscle together. Is it Mith or fact?

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