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11/3/11 1:47 P

okay I am a nerd and my kids are a little younger than 7 BUT let me share videos that are fun to watch, gets my kids moving and learning:)

*Rock N' Learn
*HarryKindergarten Youtube Channel
*They Might Be Giants Youtube Channel

We have lots of fun and they get to learn too!

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WALIDGAZALA Posts: 8,106
10/27/11 6:58 A

Play with a ball

SYBILBAKER Posts: 1,749
10/24/11 6:32 P

jump rope

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11/12/10 5:05 P

I know that my kids love to set up obstacle courses and race

ANDREWRACE24111 Posts: 31
11/12/10 1:51 P

I know my six year old loves riding on her bike but she also loves swimming as well

RONNIEHUEY Posts: 12,033
11/12/10 12:21 P

Jump rope and tag sound like fun to me emoticon

LALA0123 Posts: 601
11/12/10 10:51 A

mini trampolines are fun

10/29/10 7:41 P

My grandkids love Wii - there are a lot of active games to play, either with someone or alone

MAUREENV2 Posts: 3,853
10/29/10 7:35 P

I have a 9 year old - we like bike riding, ice skating and swimming for exercise (oop... I mean fun)

SPCRAIG SparkPoints: (154,350)
Fitness Minutes: (113,422)
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10/29/10 2:27 P

jump rope or hopscotch. I think variety. Go to a trail to ride bikes or walk - change the scenery

YOGAGIRL289 Posts: 456
8/29/10 11:53 A

In addition to riding my bike, I remember loving roller-skating when I was 7. Some other ideas include going to a park and kicking a soccer ball around, swinging, playing basketball, planting and tending a garden together (not necessarily an "exercise" but a physical activity), doing yoga together (there are some yoga DVDs geared toward children), hula-hooping, jumping rope, horseback riding, ... I also remember loving tap dancing and ballet classes and had lots of friends who enjoyed gymnastics (although I was never any good).

ZACKSMOM7 Posts: 1,612
8/29/10 6:55 A

We play sports with our kids when they get bored of walking!! Then they ask to go walking after wards!!!

LUZON49 Posts: 684
8/26/10 8:56 A

It's summertime...Get in the pool!

KELLY_SP SparkPoints: (137,888)
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8/25/10 7:05 P


You will want to take her to her pediatrician and discuss her needs with him/her. Only a medical professional familiar with your child's history can best advise exercise that may be safe for her to begin.

It's great that you and your daughter are implementing healthier habits together. Have fun reaching your goals.

Be well,

8/25/10 4:37 P

swimming is NOT an where to take her

LINGAIL1 Posts: 594
8/25/10 4:06 P

Swimming,Kids basketball

OCTOBER2842 Posts: 57,478
8/25/10 3:40 P

Swimming, jumping rope, dancing to music

8/25/10 3:32 P

My 7yr old little girl is 76 lbs and I want to help her become more active, we are already jogging and biking together...but I know she's gonna get bored with those...any ideas?

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