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7/26/12 10:36 P

there is another iud that last for ten years and it has no hormones. Might want to look into that one. I have it and have not any complications. It's probably not an option if you want more children any time soon.

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6/19/12 6:40 P

I would say that your doctor is the best person to ask this. Only your doctor would be familiar with your needs and sensitivities, and what options are available to you.

Personally, I have had no trouble losing weight with Mirena.

May I ask how tall you are, and what your current weight is? While some women do gain weight on hormonal birth controls, I can't imagine that it would completely prevent you from losing weight at all, if you were eating at a calorie deficit and working out. 118 doesn't sound very heavy... are you very short? could it be that you are already very close to a healthy weight for your body?

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6/18/12 11:14 P

I am afraid I don't have a solution, however would advise staying away from depo. I gained about 30lbs over 3 years on it. And it was all very gradual. I didn't have a bathroom scale at the time and ignorance was bliss until I finally realized how much I had gained. The lack of periods was great however I'll not be going on it again.

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6/18/12 4:30 P

I have the mirena. Just had it replaced and LOVE it! I have had no weight gain or complications with it. My Dr never said that it can cause weight gain, and have also lost weight fairly easily while on it. I am not sure about your eating/fitness habits, but I eat fairly clean and work out everyday, no matter what. Yaz has some lawsuits against it right now. Maybe try the Nuvaring? The shot? Feel free to send me a sparkmail if you want more details on anything...would love to help you solve this issue...maybe talk to a different doc...

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6/4/12 7:25 P

I have had the Mirena IUD since shortly after my son was born in the spring of 2009. I lost weight very easily between the time I had my son to when I got the IUD. I k now a lot of the weight loss (I gained 25 lbs) was thanks to breastfeeding exclusively. However, even once I stopped breastfeeding I watched what I ate even more closely and work out to attempt to lose more weight, but my weight will not change. I gain weight VERY easily if I am not careful, and no matter what I eat or how much exercise I get, my weight will go right back to 118. I asked my OB/GYN at my most recent annual visit if the IUD affects the hindering of weight loss. He confirmed it is the IUD that prevents me from losing weight because it almost forces a layer of fat over my uterus (like tricking my body into thinking its pregnant says the nurse). I am removing as soon as possible, since the weight issue is not the only one. I have also had two very painful cysts from it, intercourse it at times very painful, etc. My question is.... what is the best birth control to avoid weight gain or hormone imbalances? Is a low hormone birth control worth trying? Like Loestrin or even Yaz??

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