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JELYFI Posts: 3
3/4/13 10:34 P

Thanks, everyone! These are all great suggestions. I'm still on the fence about Jillian...I like the Hip Hop Abs idea too, because while my calves look great from all the running I do, my hips and abs are the area I really need help with. Keep the suggestions coming!

SUZZQ4LIFE Posts: 1,232
3/4/13 3:17 P

I love the Leslie Sansone DVDs. I have 8 of hers. I change it up each week so I don't get bored with just one. One of my favorites is her Walk and Jog. Wow! It's a caloried burner but not hard on the knees or hips. I've had both my hips replaced 7 years ago and this is perfect for me. I did the Walk Away Your Waistline this morning. I did 3 miles with the DVD.

JESSKAPPEL SparkPoints: (16,506)
Fitness Minutes: (13,952)
Posts: 56
3/4/13 3:06 P

Jillian Michaels all the way. although i have been tempted to try tony's 10 minute trainer as i did enjoy most of the p90x dvds

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
3/4/13 12:28 P

I do love Jillian MIchaels. She is harsh, and some people don't like her. As often as I have worked out in my life, her form is good. The workout is tough. If you want to have a heart-pounding, hard workout but only spend 20-25 minutes doing it, try her. I also just started Tracey Anderson a few days a week. I haven't done her cardio, but her Post Pregnancy. Seriously, even if you are not post pregnancy, this is a tough workout. It is mostly "strength" with no cardio, and she doesn't say much, so it isn't as motivating. It is HARD and I was so sore after the first time, it hurt to sneeze!

ADUDZI Posts: 170
3/4/13 12:06 P

Turbofire is an awesome way to have fun working out and you burn a ton of calories!!! Chalene is very motivating and very positive during the workouts, she keeps you pushing right up to the end!!!

ECCOVISION1 SparkPoints: (28,290)
Fitness Minutes: (51,442)
Posts: 553
3/4/13 11:09 A

I love the Tony Little Easy Shaper DVD. This DVD includes an unusual and very effective resistance band. You can buy both at for $29.

I got great results using it! It is a great program for everyone; especially for people who are busy.

KAYEMM3 Posts: 1,577
3/4/13 3:04 A

I've heard that Bob Harper's workouts are better than Jillian's.

MI5RUGRATZ SparkPoints: (5,998)
Fitness Minutes: (2,092)
Posts: 149
3/4/13 2:07 A

Walk away the pounds

ROXIGIRL SparkPoints: (88,352)
Fitness Minutes: (167,337)
Posts: 2,406
3/4/13 1:27 A

I tried few different dvd's . However I believe that Jillian Michael's are the best. Especially if you do not have lots of time. 30-35 minutes its what it will take if you were to do her Body Revolution workouts, or Ripped in 30.

KIMBERLY19732 Posts: 289
3/3/13 11:45 P

tried and true Sweatin to the Oldies! emoticon

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
3/3/13 1:34 P

I do not care for Jillian Michaels so I would never recommend one of her videos- I think she is harsh and I have had a number of personal trainers say she shows bad form or gives bad advice. However, I really do love the Coach Nicole workouts on SP.

Are you looking for cardio or strength? I have the Belly Twins Belly Dance Core Conditioning workout and that is really fun for cardio. For strength I like the Ballet Beautiful Body Blast. Simple, no equipment needed, and they run about 15 minutes each.

SHAKESALOT Posts: 1,334
3/3/13 9:44 A

Learning to love the chair workouts. A friend turned me on to Paul Eugene chair workouts. Pretty fun and does make one feel good.

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TLOVELY30 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/3/13 8:58 A


JELYFI Posts: 3
3/3/13 8:31 A

Hi everyone,

I've been doing SP on and off for years, but got serious about it again this year. Started on January 6, and I'm down 7 pounds (my tracker says 14, but I think a lot of that was holiday bloat). I probably manage to stay in my recommended calorie range about 80% of the time. For exercise, I always run 5 miles at the gym on Mondays, and do an hour of Zumba plus about 2.5 miles on the treadmill on Wednesdays. I try to do SP cardio sculpt videos (about 20 min) on Tuesdays and take the dog for a 3-mile walk on Sundays. However, I feel like that's not enough--my weight has continued to fluctuate about a half pound or so for the past few weeks.I don't usually get to work out at all on Thursday through Saturday, so I'm hoping to change that, but I would like to have something I can do at home at night that's going to burn a lot of calories. Anyone have any recommendations? I've heard Jillian Michaels 30-day shred is good? I sometimes have knee issues, and I've heard Insanity can be tough on the joints. Would love to hear any suggestions! Thank you!!

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