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1/21/13 7:50 A

Here are two articles that may be helpful as you undertake the process of planning healthy meals and snacks and shopping for them.

Meal Planning Basics

Meal Planning Made Simple
4 Steps to Plan Meals and a Healthy Grocery List

Coach Tanya

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1/21/13 3:46 A

I'm terrible and don't plan most things- I prefer to just say "I want this. I'm going to go buy it now." I keep a few staples... but life of a college student. I procrastinate EVERYTHING it seems!

What I DO do, though, to plan ahead, is think about what I traditionally like. I don't like meals, so I never prepare meals. I do like Kashi cereal, protein bars, milk, and bananas, so I stock up on those each week. I will prepare bags of "trail mix" (raisins and almonds) for snacks during my day. I hard-boil a carton of eggs every other week or so- depending on how much my roommates eat of it.

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1/20/13 11:22 P

I am just starting on my journey, and wondering what some of you do to plan ahead for healthy snacks and meals? With my busy schedule, I find I do well if I get ready for the week by making a couple entrees (I freeze a LOT of what I make for later!) and also fix other items to prepare for the week--cut-up veggies, hard-boiled eggs, pre-cooked chicken, etc.

It also helps to go to the grocery store more often, LOL! Can't wait to hear your ideas!

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