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4/7/13 5:50 P

It depends on what my schedule for the day looks like. Today I was leaving at 9 for a baby shower off Cape so I got up at 6:30 to walk.

CANDEE412 Posts: 328
4/7/13 5:28 P

I do it in the morning before work otherwise after work I would not be able to

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 949
4/5/13 11:34 P

I prefer mornings but will workout whenever I can fit it in.

I love the idea of riding a recumbent bike in the evenings with your family around sound fun and a great way to be a good role model for the people in your life!


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4/5/13 10:50 P


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FITWITHIN Posts: 21,961
4/5/13 10:44 P

Whatever time that is best for you. For me it's the mornings.

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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,615
4/5/13 9:46 P



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LEANIE64 SparkPoints: (34,531)
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4/5/13 10:57 A

First thing in the morning..and later in the evening..I break up the times because I get too bored doing 40-60 min all in one whack.

KLL19144 SparkPoints: (5,456)
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4/5/13 10:44 A

there is a 24 hr gym opening down the block from me. I am joining just for the sake of early morning workouts...if I workout at home I'll get back in I just know it! (done it before lol)

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OZIETWIN Posts: 680
4/5/13 10:02 A

My favorite is in the morning - starts my day off great!

ROSE-LITE Posts: 1,926
4/5/13 9:56 A

love early morning....

TWININGS12 SparkPoints: (17,330)
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Posts: 610
4/5/13 6:53 A

Bright and early in the morning for me. Just remember that anytime is better than no time.

WELLNESSME09 Posts: 7,634
4/5/13 6:51 A

Early morning for me!

Ane Marie
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CATE195 SparkPoints: (91,988)
Fitness Minutes: (59,259)
Posts: 3,254
4/5/13 6:20 A

I like to exercise first thing in the morning, but now that I am retired I often do it later in the morning.

MARISSACANTRELL SparkPoints: (606)
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Posts: 6
4/5/13 2:44 A

Morning. Get it done & over with.

ELLI20 Posts: 4,467
4/5/13 12:08 A

I prefer exercising first thing in the morning - works best for me.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 14,901
4/4/13 11:57 P


The timing of eating and working out is irrelevant for weight loss.

The body has several different energy systems, that it draws on as it digests meals, meets demand for high intensity exercise, or lower intensity activities. Ultimately, where energy is coming from during a workout is irrelevant, as if you deplete one energy store, the body will draw on a different store to meet your demands for the rest of the day - it all kinda balances out. What matters is the overall balance between calories burned and consumed over the entire 24 hour day.

The significance of exercise is not that it burns fat, but rather that it helps create an overall calorie deficit, and the body will tap its fat stores at some stage during the day to make up the deficit.


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ANGELCITYGAL SparkPoints: (37,844)
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4/4/13 11:47 P

Yes, exercise whenever is best for your schedule. The main thing is that you do it.

I know many people prefer to exercise first thing in the morning, but I have never been able to get myself to do so. I much prefer to work out in the evening. Sometimes I do it right after dinner. Other times, I work out after my daughter goes to bed (after 8 pm)!


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MSDELLI45 SparkPoints: (1,442)
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4/4/13 10:15 P

Thanks for the reply. I like riding the bike at night because I can do it in the living room with my family while watching tv and don't feel like I'm alone, so I think I will stick with that time.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (58,536)
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4/4/13 10:06 P

The time that works for you. :)

There is no "better" time for burning fat, because what matters isn't the percentage of fat you burn, it's the overall amount of calories you're burning. Fit your exercise into your schedule in the way that you enjoy it and are most likely to stick with it.

And I don't know who told you that you would burn "insulin" after eating, but that's patently untrue.

Writer, mother, wife, and breadwinner. I love to run, but running doesn't love me, so I'm switching to my low-impact bike.

I'm not pregnant, just fat: My blog.
MSDELLI45 SparkPoints: (1,442)
Fitness Minutes: (872)
Posts: 7
4/4/13 10:00 P

I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes Type II and was told to exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I am currently doing a 20 minute quick jazzercise video in the morning. I also purchased a recumbant stationary bike and have been riding it every night after dinner. I recently heard it was better to exercise before eating because you would burn fat and after eating, you would burn insulin. What is the best time to exercise?

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