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CASEMA3285 Posts: 15
12/27/13 9:12 P

Thanks for asking this question and thanks for the answers! Off to shop!

REDFOXTROT2 Posts: 264
12/27/13 4:24 P

I love the Freya Underwire Sports Bra. I am a 34DD and this thing keeps the girls in PLACE. They don't even hardly move much at all during all kinds of running, cardio, ST, etc. It is the best bra I have ever had for fitness. It's a little pricer ($60), but WORTH IT! Their sizes go up VERY high, so there shouldn't be too much of an issue finding a size, I would hope! You can get them on

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12/26/13 3:58 P

I am a 32DDD as well and find that is rather difficult to find decent bra's in general, much less a sport's bra. A friend had found and gave me some sport's bra's that are in my size. I don't know what kind they are though. As a side note, before I lost weight, I was a 36D. Anyway, the sport's bra's at WalMart don't cut it if you are a smaller band with a larger cup size. I've looked at places like WalMart, Kmart, JcPenney, Belk, and briefly at Target (will try to look again in the next few days).

What I have found is that most places don't carry 32DDD. The smallest band size you can find with a larger cup size is a 34DD. I would order something online (no underwire), but I'm concerned that the band won't be tight enough and the cups won't be supportive enough either. Then, you're left with a $50+ bra that you can't wear (concerns about the cost of returning the bra if ordered online).

At any rate, I am interested in this topic too.

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12/26/13 12:08 P


I am a 44DD at the moment and a runner. I have found that it is worth EVERY penny to get a good bra. The ones I like are by Moving Comfort. I LOVE the Maia. It has an underwire and is just amazing, but I also have/like the Fiona. They have a bra finder on their website which will make suggestions for you. These are good bras and they last really well so they are worth the initial cash outlay! Good luck!


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12/24/13 12:03 A

I have given up on sports bras, except for really light exercise.

I wear a very supportive underwire bra (Cacique) plus shaper top from Target. Spreading the impact over the whole torso seems to help a lot with bouncing. I don't think you can find a 32 band at Cacique. I can't wear Lane Bryant clothing any more as I am way too small now--but with a 38 band. they still have bras that work for me.

Another key thing is to make sure your band is really snug and that it fits just right. It seems like a LOT of women wear bras with bands that are too loose. You are a really unusual size--it might be worth taking the time to get measured again just to be sure. I've heard that Nordstrom is a good place to go for a fitting.

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12/22/13 4:41 P

To be honest I've just either worn two crappy sports bras at once, or just stick with the usual underwire - I don't find them uncomfortable and will get mine from Cacique (not positive on the spelling there, but it's the one run by/in Lane Bryant stores); they have one with tshirt style fabric and I find it comfortable and supportive, however if you're anti-underwire, I'd suggest looking at Ross, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls for a nicer sports bra at a lower cost but before doing that, get some measuring tape and maybe a friend and make sure you're in the correct size. I've noticed that makes a TON of difference but have also noticed that some of the stores that measure for you will adjust the measurements according to what they have in stock rather than telling you what your size should really be.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,605
12/22/13 7:59 A

Title Nine carries a variety of sizes and they mark their support in barbells. The higher the barbell, the more supportive it is. They aren't cheap but I have heard great things about the products they carry.

I am not well endowed but I have had good luck finding supportive sports at Old Navy and Kohl's (TekGear). I think they carry a variety of sizes.

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12/21/13 9:33 P

My sports bra is a cheap encapsulated sports bra from Walmart, and it just doesn't cut it. It doesn't help that I've lost some weight in my bust, but it never really did a good job, and I do not want to ruin my good VS bras by double bra-ing it. I have looked at some bras that had high reviews, but they did not go up to my 32DDD. So for my busty ladies out there, what is your favorite go-to sports bra?

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