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Best Kitchen Gadgets for Weight Loss?

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SparkPoints: (103,919)
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Posts: 5,708
1/25/13 7:26 A

All great ideas. If I had to pick one it would be the slow cooker.

SparkPoints: (1,450)
Fitness Minutes: (3,154)
Posts: 9
1/25/13 7:09 A

I like the rice cooker. It was the best kitchen purchase I have ever made. You can steam, saute, and cook rice with out having to worry about keeping an eye on the food. You just dump it in and go.

SparkPoints: (90,113)
Fitness Minutes: (68,855)
Posts: 2,843
1/25/13 6:08 A

I use my portion scale all the time....extremely accurate as it has 2000 programmed food labels in it. You enter a code and it will bring up the label information and you go from there.

SparkPoints: (177,465)
Fitness Minutes: (109,741)
Posts: 10,376
1/25/13 6:02 A

I agree with a lot of the others - anything that gives accurate measurements, such as a food scale, measuring cups and spoons, etc.

Posts: 6,248
1/25/13 5:46 A

Measuring spoons/cups & food scale for sure.

Posts: 15,788
1/25/13 5:18 A

Food scale and measuring cups

SparkPoints: (29,603)
Fitness Minutes: (57,409)
Posts: 1,258
1/25/13 2:13 A

measuring cup.

Posts: 2,176
1/25/13 12:41 A

my best gadget - microwave, where i can cook without drowning the veggies or slathering them with oil, butter or grease.

Posts: 10,405
1/24/13 9:36 P

Smaller plates

SparkPoints: (16,909)
Fitness Minutes: (8,226)
Posts: 891
1/24/13 9:36 P

Food I need to start using it again..

Posts: 298
1/24/13 9:29 P

Besides my digital scale... Check out spiralizers if you want to make veggie noodles. Multi-cookers are also awesome! I have one that pressure cooks, slow cooks, browns and steams. It automatically switches to warm after a pressure cooker cycle so you can leave it just like a slow cooker.

SparkPoints: (3,017)
Fitness Minutes: (545)
Posts: 160
1/24/13 9:26 P

Food scale!!
I want one so bad because I never know how much meat that I am eating

Posts: 78
1/24/13 8:57 P

Food scale and measuring cups/spoons!

SparkPoints: (18,542)
Fitness Minutes: (31,846)
Posts: 376
1/24/13 8:06 P

My favorite grapefruit spoon. I eat lots and lots of grapefruit

SparkPoints: (2,236)
Fitness Minutes: (1,730)
Posts: 18
1/24/13 7:42 P

My Scale my Juicer, and my measuring cup emoticon

SparkPoints: (35,323)
Fitness Minutes: (42,743)
Posts: 119
1/24/13 6:57 P

For me its my scale could'nt live without it. Then comes my measuring cups and measuring spoon. Nothing gets past my lips without being weighed or measured

Edited by: 82719541 at: 1/24/2013 (21:26)

Posts: 2,033
1/24/13 6:46 P

My brita water pitcher and my old fashioned egg beater for beating my egg whites.

SparkPoints: (85,413)
Fitness Minutes: (105,734)
Posts: 4,126
1/24/13 6:29 P

Blender - smoothies
George Foreman - grilling

Posts: 630
1/24/13 6:26 P

I agree. Scale, measuring spoons and cups.

Posts: 3,968
1/24/13 6:13 P

food scale and measuring cups for me!

Posts: 404
1/24/13 5:30 P

I love my new seltzer water machine. It makes drinking water so much easier for me & is helping to break my pop addiction.

SparkPoints: (3,630)
Fitness Minutes: (2,376)
Posts: 14
1/24/13 5:23 P

food scale, hands down. my biggest issue with food is portion size, and my eyes are not in any way good at judging how much I need. I measure everything.

SparkPoints: (99,899)
Fitness Minutes: (97,187)
Posts: 3,768
1/24/13 5:20 P

My weight watchers measuring scale. Also measuring cup and spoons.

SparkPoints: (12,956)
Fitness Minutes: (36,496)
Posts: 232
1/24/13 5:20 P

My food scale and processor make life much easier!!

Posts: 12,993
1/24/13 5:09 P

food processor. I use mine to make healthy veggie soup, salads, stir fries etc. LOVE it

Posts: 77
1/24/13 4:45 P

A scale - I weigh everything!

Posts: 1,499
1/24/13 4:26 P

Digital scale!

SparkPoints: (3,236)
Fitness Minutes: (3,530)
Posts: 331
1/24/13 3:58 P

My George Foreman Grill, and my food processor. I plan to treat myself to a Vitamix..

Posts: 50
1/24/13 3:15 P

Smoothie Maker, Electric grill

Posts: 822
1/24/13 3:13 P

My kitchen scale! I've been using it for years now and it helps keep me in maintenance. It's honestly the only thing I continue to use daily out of all the gadgets I may have bought in the past.

Posts: 344
1/24/13 3:11 P

I didn't see this, but I like my juicer for fresh juice. Also storage is sooo important as others have said.

Posts: 18
1/24/13 2:48 P

- oil spritzer
- salad spinner
- food processor
- blender

Posts: 79
1/24/13 2:42 P

A padlock for my refrigerator.

... Just kidding! I dig my blender (great for our breakfast smoothies), the oil spritzer my mother-in-law bought for us, and my pretty pink Oxo coffee thermos, which I use for my daily green tea regimen.

SparkPoints: (79,791)
Fitness Minutes: (50,667)
Posts: 3,286
1/24/13 2:37 P

Lots of little (1 or 2 cup) reusable containers

Posts: 526
1/24/13 2:36 P

I love my scale, and measuring cups,and blender for smoothies.

SparkPoints: (24,512)
Fitness Minutes: (18,906)
Posts: 726
1/24/13 2:11 P

I have a huge collection of snap-lock containers to take food to work in. It's embarrassing, but sometimes I take 4-5 different containers a day-oatmeal for breakfast; salad, fruit, protein for lunch; plus a snack. I also love my immersion blender. I can put it in a broth and bean-based soup and have a nice, thick hearty soup in seconds without the mess of a blender or food processor. Other people have mentioned some of my other favorite toys--microplane grater, good measuring spoons, chef's knife.

Posts: 593
1/24/13 2:04 P

I love my food processor! It lets me shred and slice veggies so I can easily incorporate them into my meals as fillers for wraps, salads, or slaws. I used to throw broccoli stalks away, but now I just pop them into the food processor to make a quick slaw.

Posts: 387
1/24/13 1:42 P

I see lots of things I am going to start considering (if I don't have it already). Thanks everyone, keep the information coming!!!

SparkPoints: (15,605)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
1/24/13 1:38 P

A good set of storage containers... not the cheapo Ziploc kind, because those do leak. That way you can make a meal and portion everything out into containers right after you cook it. Then, take it with you for lunches! Plus, if your containers are all matching from the same set, they're a lot easier to store.

The rest of mine all pertain to cooking, because I think cooking good meals at home is a huge component of losing weight and keeping it off.

I have a very nice chef's knife, and a thick wood cutting board that is always out on my counter. Those two items make it very easy to chop up veggies. I don't like the plastic kind, the knife doesn't move along them as nicely. I have one that I use for meat but that's it. I also have this kind of bottle for my olive oil, looks nice sitting on the counter and it's easier to pour. I don't like using the bottle it comes in because sometimes too much "glugs" out!
Also, ice cube trays. I buy big jars of stuff like pesto (or I will actually make my own in the summer), and put into the ice cube trays and freeze them, so I have individual "cubes" to use. Each cube is about 2tbsp. You can also do it with chipotle peppers in adobo, and herbs, or even stuff like leftover wine or juice. This is good for me since I only cook for 1-2 people, and often things would go bad if I didn't freeze them.

Last, but not least, my microplane grater.
It is great for grating fresh garlic and ginger, and for getting zest from citrus fruits.

Edited by: YOJULEZ at: 1/24/2013 (13:40)

Posts: 2,025
1/24/13 1:36 P

Besides scale and measuring cups which you already have my vitamix is one of my favorite items to aid me in my weight loss. Tried lots of other brands and finally went for the big guy and I use it daily. So worth the money.

Posts: 3,297
1/24/13 1:28 P

Slow cooker!! Well it may be more of an appliance. Also baggies and plastic storage containers. Gotta make ahead so you have no excuse not to eat your healthy foods.

Posts: 101
1/24/13 1:06 P

I agree that good knives are invaluable. At the very least a good chef's knife and a paring knife. Don't have to spend tons of money -- I got mine, along with a sharpener, at IKEA!

Oh and I love my apple corer! emoticon

Posts: 28
1/24/13 12:58 P

I couldn't live without my scale, salad spinner, oil spritzer and steamer! (So much so that I have all of these in my travel trailer for the summer) I also use my mandolin and grater alot. A favorite knife and cutting board are helpful.

Recently we bought a food vacuum sealer. That has been great for doing a weekend of cooking and then freezing "tv" dinners/ lunches for days that are busy. I despise the extra plastic usage but it has saved money on food wastage and stress for food prep so for now I am okay with it. emoticon

Posts: 5,070
1/24/13 12:36 P

appliances- dehydrator, food processor, vitamix, coffee grinder(for nuts and spices), ice cream maker,

gadgets- ceramic knives,one large metal knife to cut into a young coconut, cutting board (i have a few), grater, spiralizer, sieves, salad spinner, pie plate, casserole dish, lots of glass dishes to store my yummies in, dicer, mandolin, big wood bowl, wood hands to toss salad, tongs to serve, peeler, measuring spoons, parchment paper (i use it in my dehydrator)

SparkPoints: (1,184)
Fitness Minutes: (1,284)
Posts: 40
1/24/13 12:33 P

My measuring cups, food scale (I'm going to start look at buying a digital one), and my knife gets the most attention from me.

I'm also in love with these long tupperware containers that HEB sells. I clean and slice veggies and then put them into those containers for the week so I can just grab them to put in my lunch box every morning.

Posts: 8,023
1/24/13 12:32 P

You don't really NEED an apple corer...just a good sharp knife and a steady hand.
What about a water filter?

SparkPoints: (30,014)
Fitness Minutes: (18,061)
Posts: 8,946
1/24/13 12:11 P

Basic scale. Measuring cups/spoons.

SparkPoints: (78,939)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 11,095
1/24/13 12:04 P

A good, sharp knife for cutting veggies.
Also a mandolin slicer can be handy too.

SparkPoints: (72,986)
Fitness Minutes: (33,677)
Posts: 5,088
1/24/13 12:03 P

I love my food processor - that's less of a gadget and more of a small appliance, but I use it a lot. Same with my blender - I love smoothies!

Posts: 387
1/24/13 11:59 A

Scale - check!
Measuring cups/spoons - check!

I'm contemplating a few new items but thought I would ask what others found handy. My current thoughts are to a vegetable grater to make veggie noodles, an apple corer, and a bottle to make my own oil spritzer.

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