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KASTRA Posts: 369
7/20/14 1:56 A

Posting for a follow-up: How did the Juno work out? I'm slowing moving my walking into running and have found my JC Penney Xersion medium-impact bras are not up to the task of keeping my ladies from an uncomfortable bounce. Definitely need something that will contain the girls better.

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SPARKLE883 Posts: 142
3/25/14 8:49 A

Thanks for your input, everyone! I ordered a Moving Comfort Juno, so we'll see how that works out - a little pricey, but it looks like a good bra!

HPEFUL25 Posts: 186
3/25/14 8:42 A

Moving Comfort- Fiona. I am a big chested girl and I have very little movement with this bra. I bought mine on for 25 dollars. My friend also uses this same brand of bra and she loves it too. No more having to use 2 bras.

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3/24/14 10:46 P

I swear by New Balance's "Shockingly Unshocking."

MALAMI518 SparkPoints: (79,682)
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3/24/14 9:08 P

I'm not much help with actual brands because I don't have any really good (expensive) sports bras. I do wear two at a time, though. I wear the encapsulated type with a compression one over it. That helps keep everything in place better than either one alone.

Do you have any running stores in your area? I noticed that a local one here is going to have a "Ladies' Night" with bra fittings.

The bras that I have don't wick enough, and I end up "soggy", so I think I need to go find some better ones.

from Central NYS
SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 58,910
3/24/14 7:42 P

Here's an article you might find helpful:

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SPARKLE883 Posts: 142
3/24/14 4:37 P

I'm looking for advice about the best high-impact sports bras out there - in particular, I'm interested in those made for larger chests. Any input is welcome!

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