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7/25/13 10:22 A

Lasagno and eggpplant parm freeze well. I'm cooking for one and both are usually BIG casserole dishes for several people. I do my version of lasagna as a roll-up. Could be frozen on a sheet pan and become individual portions. Out of freezer, add sauce and into oven for maybe 40 minutes or so... like stuff from freezer case of supermarket. I do eggplant parm as a "stack"... breaded & fried, stacked with a hunka mozz between, a little sauce... 2-3 slices high... toothpicks needed to keep from sliding apart while baking. Again, could be frozen as individual portions and cook in about the same amount of tiime.

Chili and soups are a good idea, too. By the time new baby arrives, it could be getting cool and these items would be welcomed.

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7/25/13 8:41 A

I second the lasagna idea.....

and a chicken and rice dish is always nice too

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7/24/13 10:41 P

Pizza crust, lasagna, soup, chicken enchiladas, chicken breast, spaghetti sauce

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7/24/13 4:27 P

There is a spark people recipe called Turkey and Black Bean Sloppy Joe. The recipe is on the spark people site. It is very good and freezes well. I freeze the leftovers in individual portion size bags for me to pull out for lunches. I serve them over baked potatoes. Makes a healthy meal. Also most chili recipes freeze well. Maybe do a search on Pinterest for healthy freezer meals. I gets lots of recipes off Pinterest. Congratulations on your baby! emoticon

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7/23/13 10:52 A

I'm a first time mom with a baby due in October, so trying to prepare meals in advance that will see us through the first month. I have a deep freeze waiting for contributions. Could anyone recommend good casseroles or slow cooker recipes that would be great as freezer meals?


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