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JOHNSONE4 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/15/12 8:22 A

favorite right now...SP 28 Day Boot camp

MELANIEJ44 Posts: 335
6/14/12 11:46 A

Okay, instead of using the word "Best" I guess I should use the word "Favorite". I would love to hear some favorites so that I have a starting point for my research. Thanks!

DEE0973 Posts: 1,517
6/14/12 11:45 A

I don't know if my best will be yours, but here are the ones I enjoy - taebo, Xtreme 10lb slimdown, kickboxing, zumba.

Good luck with finding something that works for you

6/14/12 11:14 A

What type of things do you like to do? You're much more likely to stick with it if actually enjoy it

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (59,678)
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6/14/12 11:04 A

There's no such thing really as a "best" video... it all depends on what you'll enjoy and stick with. Just find one that interests you, and go with it! They all pretty much do the same thing.

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MELANIEJ44 Posts: 335
6/14/12 10:59 A

I just started the 30 Day Shred, but I would like to add some additional cardio. I have little kids and getting out for a walk doesn't always happen (or if it does happen, it tends to be a very SLOW walk - lol). I would love to have a few videos that I could use to add some cardio into my day. Thanks!

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