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6/4/14 10:43 A

Thank you!

CHASESMOM15 Posts: 56
6/4/14 10:35 A

To KJBTIGGER: I had to give up all artificial sweeteners cold turkey. I couldn't figure out for the life of me why after having my morning unsweet tea with Splenda or sugar free gum I would get terrible stomach cramps. It never made sense to me but it was like clockwork that it would happen. Since cutting out Splenda and all other artificial sweeteners I've had zero stomach cramps and I didn't change anything else about my diet at all. My bloating went away too. I won't even chew sugar-free gum anymore. I don't know what's causing your upset stomach but maybe try giving up anything with artificial sweeteners for a couple weeks and see if your symptoms subside. I really don't think those products work well for everyone.

CICELY360 Posts: 3,847
6/4/14 1:06 A

I use soy or almond milk.

NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (153,132)
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6/3/14 7:15 P

If I wish to plunge I'll by the So Good Bestra Creamer and make it last as long as possible, other wise I use regular ever day Soy Milk (either plain or vanilla flavoured).

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6/3/14 6:34 P

Good luck!!! I learned I only liked coffee for the milky cream and sugar so I had to go cold turkey. I drink hot water or tea now.

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6/3/14 2:59 P

International House Hazlenut

6/3/14 12:04 P

I used to be a splenda/sugar free french vanilla creamer gal. It was suggested I switch to heavy whipping cream, which wasn't a problem, but then I missed the flavor so I added Davinci Sugar Free French Vanilla Syrup THEN was told about Sweetleaf sweetner so I tried all three and because extremely sick to my stomach. I thought maybe it was the sweetleaf so this morning I used splenda, davinci and heavy whipping cream - same thing. I wonder if I'm using too much sweetner - since the Davinci already has splenda in it...... does anyone else use Davinci and ever had problems? Thanks!

MATTHEW0498 SparkPoints: (32,853)
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12/11/13 3:55 P

I use a little Coffee-Mate Vanilla Sugar-Free

DGRIFFITH51 SparkPoints: (131,837)
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12/10/13 12:50 A

Vanilla Coconut Milk or Almond Coconut Milk Sweetened

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,885
12/9/13 3:53 P

I use plain half and half or milk

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PATTYJO22 Posts: 567
12/9/13 9:02 A

I use unsweetened almond milk. My favorites are Whole Foods organic brand and Blue Diamond brand. Also great on cereal!

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KKKAREN Posts: 12,223
12/9/13 8:54 A

I use very little so I stick to Half and Half

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
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12/9/13 7:41 A

I am so glad that I stopped using those and just switch to half and half!

SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
12/8/13 1:07 P

I use canned low fat milk as creamer with a dash of vanilla or almond flavoring -the kind used for baking..

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12/8/13 8:12 A


12/8/13 8:11 A

Half and half with demerara sugar - perfect!

12/8/13 8:10 A

Half and half! I only use dry milk when I'm camping.

12/8/13 8:09 A

Half and half!

12/8/13 8:09 A

Half and half!

MLAN613 SparkPoints: (213,821)
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12/8/13 7:53 A

I agree that I love regular old half and half from a cow. The creamers like International Delight or the powders are full of chemicals. I rarely add flavor to my black coffee and 99.9999999% of the time, just add half and half for 40 calories in 2 tablespoons.

TOXICMICHELLE SparkPoints: (3,534)
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12/8/13 7:02 A

I never would have thought of dry milk. Thank you

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12/8/13 12:06 A

I use nonfat dry milk and sugsr free syrup. 1/3 cup of dry milk equals 1 cup liquid milk. I get the protein of real milk, no fat, and my coffee stays hot. Best of most worlds.

12/7/13 11:58 P

Thanks for this topic. I just started drinking coffee (gave up my morning diet coke habit) and still can't handle it black. I like the suggestion of the flavored syrups. I'll try that!


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ONENEL Posts: 1,824
12/3/13 8:26 P

I love the flavored creamers - just picked up chocolate carmel. After reading the previous comments, I am feeling pretty guilty. Might have to try plain milk or fat free half and half.
tea would be the ideal however I havent found many teas that I like.

12/3/13 5:06 P

I'm a fan of real old fashioned cream from a cow.

Ingredients: Cream

It's worth the calories IMO.

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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
12/3/13 4:35 P

I was doing the powder creamers, too, thinking low calorie...sure enough - transfats.

I'm a tea drinker, myself, but I switched to light Vanilla Almond Milk.

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SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,046
12/3/13 9:06 A

Most coffee creamers have trans fats and experts are now recommending to eat as little trans fats as possible. Fat Free Half and Half has no trans fats.

Consuming milk or Fat Free Half & Half… can bring you to a healthier choice...Trans fats have been linked to heart disease as well as the increased size of people's midsections so for me the choice is no non dairy creamers such as coffee mate.

Fat Free Half & Half is also about 10 calories.

RUNUXTOO Posts: 136
12/2/13 7:59 P

For the most part….
Great Value Coffee Creamer.

Only 10 Calories.

I got used to it.

TOXICMICHELLE SparkPoints: (3,534)
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12/2/13 7:31 P

Nope, doesn't have to be creamer at all. Just something to cut the taste that coffee brewed like can have. I will look for those, thank you.

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12/2/13 7:15 P

Does it have to be a creamer??

I really enjoy the sugar free (no calorie) syrups from Torani or DaVinci. These syrups work well in coffee and come in so many great flavors: carmel, chocolate, coconut, hazelnut, praline, etc, etc...

I use them in vanilla meal replacement shakes too.

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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,395
12/2/13 1:03 P

I switched to tea. I have a little loose-tea teapot and i use the hot-water spigot on the industrial coffee maker.

Someone else at work purchased packets of instant coffee from Starbucks (I tested one, and surprisingly tastes like "real coffee" moreso than any other instant I've ever tried) and another got their own mini k-cup machine to sit at their desk. These are both somewhat expensive alternatives to industrial office coffee... but both allow you to drink it black or with a little milk, and not have to drown out the poor flavour with industrial strength coffee "cream" products.

As far as those flavoured creamers go, I can't really recommend any - because I find they have a greasy mouthfeel and an over-sweet over-chemical taste to virtually all of them. I'd just stick with plain milk or real dairy coffee cream, and add some sweetener (sugar, honey, agave, or one of those splenda-type substitutes) if needed.

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TOXICMICHELLE SparkPoints: (3,534)
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12/2/13 12:52 P

I usually drink my coffee black if I have it at home, but I dislike the taste of coffee brewed in industrial type brewers, like at my work place. I had been using creamer, but what I've been using is just too many calories to blow on creamer.

Does anyone have any suggestions for something help me drink my coffee, cut my calories and still have a good morning?

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