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6/20/10 12:27 A

Great question!

Best: all of my Winsor Pilates DVD's and goodies, mp3 player, heart rate monitor, good walking shoes

Worst: Home gym that attaches to a wall, elliptical machine (I guess you really do have to spend over $1000 to get one worth having), manual treadmill, pedometer

I've always wanted a Total Gym, but after reading what everyone says here, I'm glad I haven't wasted my money!

6/20/10 12:26 A

My best equipment purchase has been my new Nordic Track Recumbent bike. I have been here for almost 6 months and I have used this recumbent bike on most days of every week. I like doing my fitness minutes at home. This bike is better than my old stationery bikes that I did not like to use. The bike can be set to an easy beginner's level and other levels are available so when I progressed enough to be ready for them, I have been trying Levels 2 and 3. This bike is especially good so one can work indoors to stay fit in severely cold or hot weather, especially when it is so uncomfortable going outdoors to exercise or to travel to where you want to exercise.

Thank you for providing this topic. This is giving me information that I can put to use.

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6/20/10 12:04 A

Great thread!!!

- Enell sports bras
- Ripped DVDs
- Free weights & bench (they were literally free, they were left behind in our house when the last people left)

I've got some bad DVDs that I wish I could return

6/19/10 11:59 P

Best: iPod shuffle; heart rate watch; New Balance; custom orthotics made by a podiatrist. Seriously, those orthotics SAVED my feet and ankles. Also, "Body for Life". I don't use that exact plan anymore, but I learned a whole lot about pyramid training.

Worst: Several different personal trainers. I've had five or six trainers over the years, and only two of them were people I could actually connect with, who listened to me. But even the bad trainers had something to teach me. Also, Adidas running shoes.

NETTLEJ Posts: 5
6/19/10 11:29 P

I bought a really nice gym quality treadmill about 8 years ago. I sleep in a running bra and with my little Ipod Shuffle clipped to me and every morning crawl out of bed and run barefoot in whatever else I happen to have on. I own a couple of ratty pairs of running shorts that I may put on when I do run outside, but lack of gear is more motivating to me than too much stuff. When I get out of bed I don't have to look for anything.

I run every day before work and one weekend day, and am grateful each time that I saved and bought a nice treadmill instead of making an impulse purchase.

Worst purchase - all in one "gym" that was too big to use! Once it was assembled, there was no room left to access each side. Assembling and disassembling it were the only exercises it was good for.

DEDRACD Posts: 216
6/19/10 11:08 P

Best: Elliptical Trainer
Worst: Expensive, unnecessary gym membership

It gets wicked hot in KY in the spring/summer months, and you won't find me outside in the winter, so I broke down and bought a LifeFitness elliptical trainer and I LOVE it. If its too hot to walk outside or if I dont' make it to the gym, I can always head downstairs for a few minutes and get in some cardio. Don't skimp and get a cheap one-- you'll never use it. If you can afford it, get a good one from a trusted brand. Even the cheaper models they make are easily 100 times better than what you might find on tv or at Wal-mart.

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LAURALITE Posts: 477
6/19/10 10:52 P

Best: My elliptical! Also resistance bands and stability ball. And yesterday I got the "HeavyWeight Yoga 2" DVD (by Abby Lentz), which I think will also become a favorite.

Worst: A ridiculous statonary "cycle" consisting of just pedals on a stand. Never could find a chair the right height to create a good angle to use it, and it wobbled. It was never good for anything except placing on a table for hand pedaling. Okay for upper arms, but not what I had in mind.

Great question thread!

6/19/10 10:48 P

Best - Polar F4 watch/heart rate monitor, good shoes, good treadmill and elliptical (replaced my old step machine, which was also great), large Swiss ball, free weights, yoga mat

Worst - some odd contraption that you sat on like a bike and then pulled and pushed with your arms and legs alternately - the resistance was from your own weight. Got it from my husband as a gift years ago... Eek. emoticon

GETIT2GETHER SparkPoints: (35,282)
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6/19/10 10:43 P

A walk belt was my best purchase

JACQUELINE102 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 235
6/19/10 10:04 P

Best are a terrific sorts bra, resistance bands, and a body ball!

Worst, any gadget on an infomercial, ask me how I know LOL

LORIEGIRL213 Posts: 732
6/19/10 9:43 P

Best purchase Emell Sports Bra worst was The Bodyblade.

INASENSE1 Posts: 577
6/19/10 9:40 P

What a great question!

Best: My bicycle, Windsor Pilates DVD Set, Thighmaster (Yes, believe it or not, I love this piece because I can use it while watching TV and it makes a difference in my thick thighs too!)

Worst: Resistance band (it broke/tore within a few months).

CHATHOMP Posts: 16
6/19/10 9:17 P

Really useful thread. It's so nice to know that I'm not the only one who is adverse to gimmicky exercise equipment and gyms! I'm currently addicted to my pedometer. One time I left it behind and felt naked all day.

Best: going to an orthodontist and getting fitted for shoe inserts to support my weak arches. This was a blessing. Also best: free weights, and MUSIC to dance to.

Worst: gyms. As much as I like going for the expensive, well-built elliptical, I like the freedom of walk/jogging around the neighborhood everyday and using my free weights. I'll have to re-think come winter. But there's the dancing!

DEBRA106 Posts: 93
6/19/10 8:42 P

The best (until lately) my treadmill. After a series of incline malfunctions, its started making a constant grindy whine. Just waiting for the other shoe to fall. But it has been my go to for daily exercise. Speaking of shoes, Sketchers Shape Ups because these feel good even after 6 non stop miles.
Worst would be the cheap pedometer that never counted steps unless I was standing still. It ended up in a cornfield. (Yes, I threw it. I know, my bad. I looked for it to give it a proper burial, but no luck).

KGLOVER71 Posts: 1,233
6/19/10 8:26 P

best: running shoes, arm band for the i-pod.

worst: remember the thighmaster?

MMASON15 Posts: 28
6/19/10 7:24 P

Best: Nordic Track Treadmill with I-fit cards and preprogrammed workouts. Love, Love, Love.

RIOTGURL29 Posts: 39
6/19/10 7:08 P

Best: Workout bands, DVDs to do if I can't make it to a gym or want to run outside, good shoes!

Worse: stationary bike--it gets off track really easy and is unusable at that point (no tension), yoga mat (never do it)

ITSERTIME Posts: 484
6/19/10 7:08 P

worst: pilates home gym, Best: my tennis racket, bikeoutdoors, the doggies i take care of, 5 and 8 pound free weights, stability ball and i just got wii sports and i am going to get EA sports active.

SUZIB123 Posts: 713
6/19/10 6:22 P

Good Question-Best- my spin bike and DVDs. Great class in the privacy of my own home. Worst-my ankle rubber bans, they mess with my hips! emoticon

6/19/10 6:16 P

Best: Wii Fit, Good tennis shoes, firm fitting sports bras, ipod- I love to just listen to music and dance around like a fool; 3 lb weights.

Worst: Tread mill- collected dust and clothes, Total Gym was a loaner- I am NOT Chuck Norris!!! emoticon emoticon

I have ordered an exercise ball and DVD with 10 minute workouts with it...we will see. I think I will love it.

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SOUPGAL Posts: 682
6/19/10 5:57 P

Walking dvd's, bands, 3# weights, yoga mat

worse thing-----------Fluditiy Bar--------

GWENHAVEN SparkPoints: (13,307)
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Posts: 489
6/19/10 5:49 P

Best: my yoga mat, 2lb, 5lb, and 10lb weights. And workout clothes. They help me feel sexy even when I'm lumpy, and they help me get in the zone for working out.

Another good purchase: A 4gig thumb drive so I can copy my downloaded yoga classes to it and put them on my PS3 to exercise in the living room with the TV instead of my computer room!

Worst: exercise bike (used) - had the handles that move back and forth when you pedal. I hated it. It wasn't the kind I like, so I ended up never using it.
If and when I ever do purchase one, it will be one I enjoy riding.

BTW, this is a great thread! Good idea!

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TIME2BLOOM4ME SparkPoints: (0)
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6/19/10 5:27 P

Resistance bands, DVD's, weights.

JENN20BASS Posts: 116
6/19/10 5:25 P

Best - I like to keep it simple. Weights, jump rope, running shoes, foam roller.

Worst - anything that has an infomercial.

MELLY54 Posts: 125
6/19/10 5:19 P

Best - used treadmill from my sister-inlaw, New Balance shoes, and hand weights

Worst - exercise band. It slapped me in the fce when it slipped off my shoe.

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JOLINAR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (50,655)
Posts: 3,464
6/19/10 5:15 P

Best: free weights & pull up bar, tow straps & carabiner to make my own suspension trainer

Worst: Wii Fit

MERRYJAYNE1978 Posts: 502
6/19/10 4:12 P

Best- Weight set, Jillian Micheals workout vids, pedometer, and a really good pair of shoes for working out in. Also, I'm loving P90X.

Worst- Even though I didn't purchase it and it was given to me the worst has to be the Ab Circle Pro. The thing is utterly, IMO, useless. Plus its boring.

6/19/10 4:05 P

Best: 8lb and 10lb weights, Mat, Pull up bar, and some good workout shoes.

Worst: Various DVDs, resistance bands

I just recently purchased a heart rate monitor with calorie counting...hoping that goes into the best category when it arrives!

FOGFOG Posts: 1,379
6/19/10 4:04 P

Best - in the past and now
Now- New Skechers, TTAPP DVDs
Past - Firm video(1980s)& Calenetics video (1980s)

Worst-NordicTrak, gym membership

AIBHINN Posts: 41
6/19/10 3:58 P

Best: Wii Fit Plus, EA Active Personal Trainer

Worst: Treadmill--my knees don't like it at all, and I currently use it as a clothes rack.

I'd like to have a recumbent exercise bike, I think; my sister and best friend each have one, and they love 'em. Also a regular bike; if it ever stops raining here, I'd like to do some biking this summer.

LOEDJA Posts: 750
6/19/10 3:52 P

Best: I love my squash racket, my jump rope and my big ball.

Worst: I've wasted a couple of gym memberships in my time....

Would love to have an elliptical trainer at home. Maybe soon.

KATHY81080 Posts: 65
6/19/10 3:46 P

Best: Wii Fit Plus, resistance bands, stability ball, and treadmill.

Worst: total workout gym (I can't even lift the bench press bar without any weights) and stationary bike, I used it once for about 15 minutes and my legs went numb.

I would love to get rid of the bike and get an elliptical machine instead.

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INDIANOAKS SparkPoints: (95,693)
Fitness Minutes: (75,567)
Posts: 6,818
6/19/10 3:43 P

BEST: Stepper I purchased after my first baby was born! Best thing I ever did! Do they even MAKE those anymore??!

WORST: Treadmill -- I almost had to have knee surgery after I used it regularly for a while. The orthopedist said he'd like to outlaw those things because of what they do to people's knees! emoticon

MSREDFORD SparkPoints: (7,080)
Fitness Minutes: (11,854)
Posts: 103
6/19/10 3:35 P

Best purchased: Pair of 3lb weights
Worst purchased: NOTHING...

I don't use any equipment

NAGEM26 Posts: 573
6/19/10 3:32 P

Best : stability ball, weights and a dancing exercise dvd

Worst : a Gazelle that i haven't used for 3-4 years.

EARTHNUT Posts: 248
6/19/10 3:30 P

Best: A bike that actually fits my petite frame and has a low low gear so I can go up hills! The other best "thing" I've bought is various dance classes over the years.

Other stuff I like: exercise ball, decent shoes. I learned how to buy good shoes after going to a talk about hiking shoes. I buy walking shoes that have the sturdiest heel and arch areas. (that are hardest to squish out of shape)

Worst: set of weights. Awkward to store. I decided I prefer using my own weight or household items to weight train.
I've never bought big bulky exercise equipment, but I know I would hate them because I don't like clutter in the house.

I just bought a pedometer so the jury's still out on that. I've considered buying a stand to convert my bike into a stationary bike, but I have a feeling I'd never use it because I wouldn't want to lug my bike up the stairs onto the first floor or exercise in the garage.

6/19/10 2:54 P

Best: Bowflex I bought in 1998 (after my last baby) which still lives in my dining room.

Worst: The Total Gym I got first and returned that same year. Also, both home ellipticals we bought lasted only a year or so, and no one will come here to repair them.

HARMONY91 Posts: 7
6/19/10 2:49 P

Best: Polar F6 heart rate monitor, free weights, dvd's.
Worst: Cheap elliptical off an infomercial.

Wants: Kettleball, lots more dvds.

6/19/10 2:02 P

Best: Polar sport watch / heart rate monitor, good running shoes, good sports bra (water wicking), and good running shorts with a key pocket. These all contribute to a more comfortable, "aware" run. Also like my stability ball and 10 & 15 lb. free weights. The best by far, though, is my running buddy. He's a 15-pound super athlete named Jesse Dog.

Worst: Any yoga or pilates DVD I've ever purchased. It's just not my thing. I remember my parents owning a $300 coat rack / stair climber when I was in jr. high.

Wants: Heart rate monitor sport watch with GPS (moving to a new city and it would be great to know how far my runs are, etc.), lighter running shoes, Reebok SpeedPak weights (smaller living situation in my future but would love more weight!), resistance bands, another dog to keep my running buddy happier when I'm at work.

CARRIE1948 Posts: 10,488
6/19/10 1:57 P

For me, the worst is the stability ball. I have no sense of balance and have actually gotten hurt.

My best is my bike, both indoors and outside.

6/19/10 1:34 P

BEST: Wii EA Sports Active, Yoga Mat, 3lb dumbells, stability ball, Turbo Jam, Mizuno running shoes (went to a special shoe fitting place to get them, and they were cheaper than New Balances)

Worst: Carmen Electra strip tease (good concept, but not well executed), that Yoga video on demand that had twiggy on it... UGH!, Just my Size Yoga DVD (it's OK, but doesn't give you a good enough workout), Walmart Resistance band.

I'm not one for purchasing large equipment, but I have a gym membership for that and swimming.
Good luck!

SLYSAM SparkPoints: (43,184)
Fitness Minutes: (110,991)
Posts: 1,474
6/19/10 1:29 P

Best that I was given (not bought): A little travel fitness set that included a beaded jump rope and an exercise band with handles. I got these for high school graduation from a friend's parent and actually still use them many years later.

Best I've bought: my hula hoop, stability ball, some heavy bands, free weights (3, 5, 8 and 10 so far), yoga mat

Worst so far: a silly gimicky jump rope that is made of plastic and counts rotations and "calories". It is really not smooth as a jump rope. Maybe a couple of fitness dvds and books that I don't use--but the jury is still out on those.

6/19/10 1:18 P

Free Weight set
Left over DP Bench [still in plastic wrap] at local thrift store
Edited to add:
Another BEST is the Silver Sneakers membership that came free with my insurance. They offer swim exercise, ROM, Cardio, Yoga plus use of all the gym and I can go to any gym that offers it free. When the husband had cardiac rehab in Hershey, I simply went to the local gym and kept up my weight workouts for free. Love it. Great insurance which provides health support programs as well as taking care of me when I get sick and a great Silver Sneakers program. Can't beat it.

That %$@#$@# GOLDS GYM BARBELL that had to be assembled. AVOID THAT ONE. It uses pegs you have to pound in. I solved it by buying bolts but it was an annoying pain in the butt. Buy a Capp instead.

I tend to buy solid not gimmicks and my major complaints is the things like that assembly barbell.

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MIFFUN Posts: 42
6/19/10 1:12 P

Best - Well fitting athletic shoes (sneakers)
Free weights in 3,5,8, & 10 lb. sizes
Resistance band (great for travel)

Worst - Exercise bike (became a clothes stand)

Not a big fan of "stuff". I like to keep it simple and do as much cardio outside as possible....hiking/jogging/walking....some
thing everyday for at least 30 minutes.

AWAITING1 Posts: 2,037
6/19/10 1:10 P

That question make me laugh... Years ago before I became disabled... I purchased a low, low to the ground exercise bike... In order for me to use it I had to sit on the floor and somehow climb onto it without tipping the bike... Needless to say my darling husband who had put it together... had the task of taking it apart so it could be returned.

6/19/10 1:09 P

I have all kinds of fitness equipment, just not the big stuff. I just want to say that in my case, I don't use them enough in order for them to pay off!! I keep on telling meself, "maybe this one will do the trick." So, none of my equipment is effective if I don't use it. Thanks. Sisterkate2

ABOOKER2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,110)
Posts: 525
6/19/10 11:10 A

Best Sneakers
Worst Sneakers

I have found that a good pair of activity appropriate shoes are invaluable. I have also found that a pair of bad or inappropriate shoes will sabotage a workout no matter how dedicated you are.

ITSALMOST30 Posts: 533
6/19/10 10:51 A

Best: My Elliptical. It's from Walmart but it's very nice and super durable.

Worst: Manual Treadmill at a garage sale. Manual treadmills do nothing for me but hurt me!

KISSATESSA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,039)
Posts: 1,079
6/19/10 10:39 A

Worst -- inexpensive elliptical -- it sticks and doesn't glide nicely like the professional grade ones at the gym.

Best - bosu ball, free weights and Wii more active game.

6/19/10 10:10 A

So what's the best & worse fitness equipment (big or small) purchase that you've made.

Worse is probably the Ab Roller, years ago bought this but never really used it.
Best is probably my stability ball, I use it all the time. Others, exercise bike, resistance band & hand weights. I'm looking at Kettlebells & a medicine ball to get soon. I don't have money to go to the gym, so I'm making the most of what I have here.
So what's yours?

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