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7/10/13 9:13 P

Thank you guys for the wonderful advice, I tracked my food for the next couple of days, and it looks much better! I also added another snack today because I was below calories, and for a snack I had mixed nuts so I got some of those good fats.

Posts: 963
7/10/13 4:15 P

I just asked the same question and got some good advice on this thread -

One of the things I've learned from this forum is that you are setting yourself up to not lose any weight if you eat too few calories. You need enough to keep your metabolism going, and what "enough" is should take into account physical activity.

Posts: 1,044
7/10/13 3:25 P

You're probably not going to really experience anything "unsafe" being under your calorie range. But you may end up with nutritional deficiencies. And you may find you have trouble losing weight or having the energy to get through your day.

Eating fewer calories isn't always the answer and you might actually find better results if you fuel your body properly with good food and enough of it.

Posts: 16,826
7/10/13 2:43 P

The answer is simple. Track beforehand. You can plan 7 days in advance, and then based on the weekly menu, use the grocery list. Go buy the groceries, and then eat what is on your tracker, then you have 1200-1550 calories every day, and if you are at 1000, you just eat whatever you missed as a snack. You should be able to just eat what you planned though.

Posts: 380
7/10/13 1:05 P

Hey - good job tracking!
I checked out your shared nutrition looks like you aren't getting enough fat in your diet. You've got to be careful about that because fat is important part of your nutrition...when I went about this 'wrong' (weight watchers) my hair began to fall out which is really scary.

I would suggest ditching the spray butter you use in the mornings, and replace it with almond/peanut butter? Also you don't really snack, almonds are a good choice, as are avocados as the PP said. Adding a little olive oil to your salads will also give you some good fat. You can also get some healthy crackers to eat with your soup!

Good luck :)

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7/10/13 12:45 P

No! Say a 1000 calories it's almost impossible to get your basic dietary needs. Try adding some higher calorie good to your diet like avocado or hard boiled eggs our add a protein shake to your diet for some added calories.

SparkPoints: (4,713)
Fitness Minutes: (4,719)
Posts: 223
7/10/13 12:33 P

I am tracking all of my food, and my goal calories are 1,200-1,500, but after tracking all of my food for the day, I am only consuming about 1,000 calories. Is this safe?

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