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DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (58,681)
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7/9/13 4:31 P

Unfortunately, where we lose is largely determined by genetics. You can do crunches till the cows come home, but because your muscles draw their energy from the blood stream, NOT the surrounding fat stores. If you're prone to holding fat in your belly (like I am) then that's likely the last place that it will come off.

As long as you're doing a good, strong strength program that works your WHOLE body, with challenging weights (not the high reps, low weights nonsense that's so popular).

There's no specific food, diet, nor exercise, that will make it happen before your body's ready to let go.

If you want to continue to lose weight, watch what you're eating in the kitchen; the exercise makes the process a lot easier, but it's all about the food in the end. :) The best thing you can do is have patience.

LAZY_DAVE Posts: 21
7/9/13 12:01 P

I've been reading about the paleo diet. I was skeptical before but now that I've done some more research it sounds pretty good. I think I'm going to try it for a month and see how I feel.

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
7/9/13 11:37 A

Diet has a lot to do with mine...eating good foods helps!!

DASHKATH Posts: 861
7/9/13 5:13 A

You can't spot reduce. As hard as it might be you are going to have to keep up the work of losing weight and just wait for your belly to change size. It might not be the answer you are looking for but just know that if you keep up the good work it will eventually get smaller....just not in the timetable you were hoping for.

God bless.

LAZY_DAVE Posts: 21
7/7/13 10:43 A

Yep just workout harder And keep,up the weight loss. I'm only 163 at 5'10" and have some fat around the middle even though I exercise and don't eat a lot of junk foods. It's a combo of old age and the way a body stores fat. My 17 yo boy has zero fat on his middle yet drinks soda and eats junk food daily. But he's far more active than the averge adult. Most of us spend the day sitting on our butt then think that one hour a day of exercise, or even less, is a gong to make a big difference. No, it's not. One small cheeseburger or a couple cookies just wiped out that small amount of exercise most of us do daily.

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7/7/13 10:04 A

Try bumping up your intensity. You don't need more time; just more intense workouts in the same amount of time. You can't spot-reduce your belly, but as you keep up with your routine, the weight will start to come off there.

64CHEVYGIRL SparkPoints: (67,867)
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7/7/13 7:39 A

I have lost 37 pounds since joining Spark People in February, and inches mostly in my butt and legs. This is great, but my belly is much slower coming off. I do alternating cardio and strength circuit training days (abs too) of 40 min. each moderate intensity (I sweat!) but my belly is stubborn! My weight loss has been to lose 2 pounds a week for a couple t stay the same for a coupe lately. What can I do to kick it up a notch to lose more belly and weight!

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