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7/7/14 6:30 P

I know that you reported a few weeks ago that you were doing the Ideal Protein Diet with a very high intake of protein, and very low in carbs and fat. I also think you reported only eating about 800-900 calories daily.

This site, our experts and our members can't do an accurate assessment via the computer. I do encourage you to talk with your doctor, get a complete physical (even ask for a referral to see a Registered Dietitian). I encourage you to print your food records for the past 1-2 weeks and take them to the appointment.

--The diet you mentioned using about a month ago could somehow be related to this.
--It could be the type of fiber, especially if you are using highly fortified fiber foods that contain chicory root or inulin.
--I could be the use of sugar alcohols in some diet foods
--It could be something total different.
--It could be nothing or it could be something.

Sorry to not be able to help more---but perhaps this will get you started in the right direction.

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

NIRERIN Posts: 14,247
7/7/14 5:18 P

you might also have more of a pants problem than a belly problem. some jeans are cut in such a way that your belly, even if barely there, will hang over. because there isn't any fabric where fabric should be to prevent this. and if you buy your pants tight or a size smaller than you really should then that just means that everything below that level is being squeezed up and over the waist of the pants. it's the same idea as a pushpop or a corset. what is covered by fabric gets resituated to where there is no more fabric.

the water in your body is most evenly distributed when you first wake up because you have been prone for the longest period of time and so it's somewhat evenly distributed from head to toe. as you wake up and stand up, your head is at the top and your feet are at the bottom and water slowly redistributes down to you feet. that's why they say to go show shopping in the evening and not the morning. it's true across the board for people, but it's most noticeable in people who have certain medical conditions. heart and kidney issues are the ones i am most familiar with. that's why i say that if you are experiencing noticeable fluctuations [like, your coworkers are wondering how you got to be 5 months pregnant over your lunch break], it's well worth it to get checked out. but if you're spending ten minutes looking at yourself in the mirror before and after each meal and snack, then you're just looking for differences. that's kind of like asking someone if they saw a red ford f150 yesterday. most people would probably say yes based on the number of people they know that had that vehicle and the knowledge that's it a pretty common vehicle so they likely saw at least a few. but if you ask someone right as they leave the house, they're going to be looking for red f150s and so they will see more of them because that's what is in the forefront of their mind.

when you wake up, you've also been fasting. ie, you haven't put anything new into your digestive tract, so it got caught up and it's mostly empty for the first half. as you eat, you're putting bulk into your digestive tract. it's the difference between your empty sock laying on the floor and your sock on your foot. the sock on your foot takes up more space because it's performing the function that it's designed for.

one last thing is posture. bad posture means that everything under your ribs and above your pelvis gets squashed out in what most people consider a rather unflattering shape. straighten your spine and everything evens out a little more.

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7/7/14 4:55 P

Haha definitely NOT pregnant.

DEANSDAD Posts: 71
7/7/14 4:50 P


Maybe you actually ARE 5 months pregnant - ever think of that?


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7/7/14 4:40 P

I have BMS every other day if not everyday. I might be a bit harsh on myself, I wouldn't say its a beachball but while I sit at my office desk and type this my belly hangs over my jeans, and I am not an overweight person at all. When I get up in the morning I have a flatter stomach, as the day progresses it goes more outward.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,247
7/7/14 4:27 P

i've known people who at 5 months pregnant you could only tell if they were wearing a bikini and i've known people who look like they have a beachball underneath their shirt. if you are on the beachball side, head to your doc and ask them. if you're on the other side, well, the doc might still be your best impartial opinion. your stomach area gaining a few inches after you eat is normal. is it possible that you're just being hypercritical of a normal variation? if you're not just being too critical, then it's definitely worth it to get it checked out by your doc. because it could be any number of things. do keep an eye on your fiber and how often your bms are. if you are on the more infrequent end of normal (2-3 times a week) it just may be that there isn't really any more room in your gut without expanding outward, in which case eating enough fiber could help move things along. by the same token eating enough fiber but not getting enough water and fat might also be slowing down the process.

DEANSDAD Posts: 71
7/7/14 4:11 P

Hi Bent;

I can't reply specifically to your question since I've never experienced that particular symptom and anything I "know" about it would only be the result of anecdotal reports, not actual "research".

The suggested "possibilities" you've received so far all seem reasonable and one of them may, in fact, be "it".

You could "try" each (one at a time and give it enough time, probably a couple weeks) and "maybe" figure it out but my suggestion would be to seek out a competent dietitian who could provide a complete evaluation and follow up (if necessary).

Clearly what you are experiencing isn't "normal" - there's something going on which may or may not be related to diet. That it concerns you adds stress in addition to being just a plain old PITA.

If a dietitian can't specifically pin point the cause, he/she should be able to (at least) point you in the right direction.

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7/7/14 3:56 P

I would say that I am more aware of trying to get more fibre into my diet, interesting you mention artificial sweeteners. I do use MIO in my water so that I can consumer enough water in my day to reduce water retention. It is not that I am gaining weight, my jeans all fit great but my belly sticks out :(

I try to eat foods that are high in fibre as fibre to my understanding it is really good for you.

I have cut my dairy down a lot from what I was consuming (I could drink 4 litres of milk per week..yikes!) I now use almond milk in place of fat free dairy milk because I understand it is also better for you...maybe I am wrong?

CHASESMOM15 Posts: 56
7/7/14 3:49 P

I'm not sure what exactly is at the root of your problem, but if I eat anything with soy or any artificial sweetener the same thing happens to me. Have you recently increased your fiber intake in any significant way maybe? Sometimes when you start adding a lot of fiber to your diet you may feel that way for awhile.

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7/7/14 3:48 P

I eat 2 slices of bread in the morning (my home-made whole wheat bread low carb) for lunch I usually will try to have chicken breast or some form of animal protein with some veggies or fruit and supper time I will have leftover meat with spinach or some kind of veggy. Some nights I do have cereal like Cheerios (plain kind) with some fibre one or kashi cereal with soy almond milk for supper.

But I wouldn't say I consume large amounts of wheat.....

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7/7/14 3:44 P

It's not the popular opinion around these parts, but do you eat a lot of wheat? It can cause bloat.

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7/7/14 3:37 P

Hey everyone!

I am 5'7' female, I weigh 149 lbs athletic and under 30% bmi. I like to think I eat fairly healthy and I try and keep up with exercise as much as I can (1300 calorie intake daily). I drink about 32-64 ounces of water daily (I know....drink more) but my issue is that after every meal I eat, my belly sticks out like I am 5 months pregnant, it is annoying and I feel gross because of it. I do have a strong core as well I have a six pack under the belly fat that I have....haha

Does anyone know why my belly does that or what causes it? I don't use salt on anything so sodium shouldn't be the issue as I also don't eat foods with high sodium.

Thanks in advance!

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