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6/4/13 11:25 A

LOL Thank you! I was totally against a smart phone, but my hubby decided I needed to "upgrade" I do not use it like how its supposed to be used yet and its almost a yr since owning one lolol

But I do like the camera part of it for quick pictures, and the food tracker apps and I use the GPS all the time lol

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6/4/13 10:40 A

JGirl...what a good idea (also, big congrats on how much you've lost! :D) I'm always obsessive about logging my food, so I don't have that problem, but I do think other sparkers would really benefit from this if they have trouble remembering to log. Also, I'm behind the times and smart-phoneless. :P

WINTERPARKS33 Posts: 1,587
6/4/13 9:30 A

That's great. I do love taking pictures when I make an epic salad. I think this is a good idea. That way you know what's going in your mouth. May try it out.

JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
6/4/13 9:25 A

I have tried something totally new over the last week and I lost some lbs by doing it.. Just wanted to share and I blogged about it as well...

I have a very hard time keeping track and logging everything I eat. I have moved from myfitness pal to the sparks food tracker app and I love it more!
However, I get so busy,, I forget what goes in my mouth..

I started taking pictures of my meals with my Iphone.. I look at the picture that I take and I have realized I have become very accountable for myself.. I would look at it and be like..

Umm where is my fruit.. where is my veggies.. why do I have so much carbs and fat on my plate LOLOL

I did this for a week and I LOVE IT!!! I make sure I log things at the end of the day and I have not been off with the log food tracker yet..

I also input my weeks meals in my food tracker (before I eat it) as well, and I have been tending to stay on track and not veer far off from it..all I have to do is just check it off (another reason why I love the sparks food app tracker..

This little trick by taking pictures has really motivated me well to keep on track more and to really say to myself, yes, this is a good meal.. ummm no, I have to add this or that...or, I have thrown away meals just because of it being totally bad LOL

Enjoy and I hope you like it !

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