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IRONBESS Posts: 977
5/21/13 3:57 P

Check out the SparkPeople videos category Yoga & Pilates. There are a couple short yoga routines, info, and yoga combined with pilates.

I've never had a class either. I use Abby Lentz's Heavyweight Yoga and Wai Lana's series the most. There are a few exercises that I can't do due to physical limitations so I modify or skip them. Some videos allow you to customize your routine and/or offer modifications. Doing yoga regularly improves strength and tone and state of mind. Just be careful not to push yourself too much or force moves. There should be no pain. Here's links for SP vids and review of Heavyweight Yoga.

SparkPeople reviewed Abby' Lentz's vid:

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5/21/13 11:41 A

I love yoga and what got me started was a DVD by a company called GIAM and the dvd is called Yoga for weight loss (for beginners) I also like the Wii Fit yoga, and I have found that most beginning yoga dvds are good. When I want to try one I can usually get it through the library so that I am not spending money on a DVD that I may not like. I have also found that through my cable service there is often on demand workouts and the health and fitness channels often have shows, I try to DVR some because I find that they are usually on early early in the morning. Good Luck

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5/20/13 11:45 P

I like Rodny Yee's AM morning yoga workouts. There are 5 20-25 minute sessions, or practices, that focus on different types of poses.
Forward bends
Back Bends
Hip openers
Standing poses

It does take time and patience to gain flexibility. I have been practicing Yoga regularly for a year now and there are some poses where I have gained lots of flexibility and others where it seems nothing has changes. But I keep plugging away and try hard to not pass judgement on myself - you know! Those stupid thoughts where I say to myself "you should be able to do more after all this time."

I like a quote from Rodney: more play and less determination as we practice yogi.

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PEGGYRB5 Posts: 404
5/20/13 6:41 P

Thanks, I'll try it. I would love to improve my flexibility.

5/20/13 6:29 P

I really like Basic Yoga for Dummies. You can watch it here:

PEGGYRB5 Posts: 404
5/18/13 5:16 P

Are the videos you mentioned good if you are not very flexible to start? I have tried "easy" yoga, but I cannot do most of it because I am pretty much not flexible at all. I heard yoga helps flexibility, but it's frustrating when I can't do anything except basic moves, and even they are modified (bended knees, that kind of thing).

BUMPS2 SparkPoints: (10,189)
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1/7/13 1:05 P

I like your quick and simplified steps toward keeping up. Good job.

RAINBOWCHARMER SparkPoints: (55,484)
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1/7/13 12:37 P

I like Sarah Ivanhoe's workouts. She's got a few easy to follow DVD's out there. For a while they were on Netflix instant, but last I checked they were no longer there.

I also like Rodney Yee's DVD's. He's got some good beginners yoga workouts.

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1/7/13 12:28 P

I have never done yoga or anything like it. Can someone recommend a dvd or download that will start from the beginning. I'm completely ignorant to the whole thing, but I hear it is a great thing to get into.


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