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7/15/11 11:43 A

That's how I started. SparkGuy even has a team on it. Now I can easily go cardio for an hour at a time. That one small change of a commitment to 10 minutes changed my health forever!

7/15/11 7:03 A

I think that it is great that are committed to getting in 10 minutes of fitness each day. It's a great way to ease into fitness without it seeming daunting and overwhelming. Whether or not 10 minutes is enough depends on a lot of factors...

1) Are you doing the same activity every time you fit in your 10 minutes? If so, you may not see the results you need. Make sure you vary your activity.
2) Are you eating at or below your maintenance calories? If you are, 10 minutes of cardio can still result in weight loss. Even if you are eating above your maintenance calories, exercising for 10 minutes can build fat burning muscle and prevent weight gain that would occur if you were not exercising.
3) How intense is your 10 minutes of cardio? The more intense, the more effective. I don't know your fitness level or your weight, so I can't say what you should do or what is or is not effective. No matter what, something is better than nothing and the harder you push, the better the results. As long as your not pushing yourself to exhaustion or injury.
4) How long have you've done your 10 minutes of exercise? If you have been doing it for a while (more than a month), you might want to consider bumping it up a minute at a time (like one minute a week). Exercising for just 1 more minute each day adds up to almost another day of working out. Again, something is better than nothing so choose 10 minutes if that's all you can do.

Once you get to a point where you can fit it in, I would highly recommend strength training. It will help you get toned, lean muscles (that, as I mentioned, help you burn fat).

Hope this helps. Good luck on your journey.

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7/13/11 5:20 P

First, Congrats on getting started. And yes 10 minutes of cardio is great place start. I started at 10 minutes and as I got more fit just added more minutes gradually. Best of luck to you, SparkPeople are great to keep you motivated! emoticon

CUTIEFUL024 Posts: 478
7/13/11 4:12 P

You definitely need to start somewhere, so its great that you ARE doing those 10 minutes! Your endurance will build up as you progress. I would not encourage setting "10 minutes" as a general goal to stay stagnant at however. Try to make weekly goals for yourself.. Maybe 10 minutes per session one week, 12 minutes the next, and so on. You dont want to keel over dead, but you definitely are going to be burning more calories once you can sustain a bit longer of a workout :)

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7/13/11 8:10 A

Yes! 10 minutes a day is a great start. I started with that this past January and now do 60 minutes a day. Gradually increase your time each week. Or try 10 minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening.

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7/12/11 10:21 P

Its a toward being able to do 15 minutes....then 20 minutes and so on until you can reach 30 minutes....then keep working up from there

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7/11/11 9:36 P

Most of us are on Spark precisely because we haven't exercised enough in the past.

Weight loss is probably 80% nutrition and just 20% exercise, so if you are watching your intake, you should be able to make good progress on the weight loss front anyway.

The good news about starting from a low base is that you will notice fitness improvements fairly quickly so long as you exercise regularly. If you start with 10 minutes, and then add a minute each time, you should be at 30 minutes in just a few weeks.

Also, rather than going flat out, keep your cardio moderate at this stage, and focus on building your endurance. Once you get to being able to work out for 30 minutes comfortably, then you can start working on increasing the intensity.


7/11/11 7:56 P

Great job getting started and keep at it! Once 10 minutes is comfortable for you, try to do 12 or 13. Every little bit helps!

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7/11/11 5:17 P

10 minutes is better than 0 minutes. I started exercising in 4 minute increments (the amount of time it took my microwave lunch to cook, when I would go up and down the stairs at work) and gradually increased it to an hour. But that took 6 months. Don't start out going 30 or 60 if you don't want to or feel right, because then you'll stop. Remember, something is better than nothing and hopefully you will increase it over time.

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7/11/11 2:55 P

10 minutes is a big improvement over none. Over time you'll be able to do more. There are quite a few workout videos out there which are broken up into 3 ten minute sessions.

If you need something to ease into cardio try pilates. It is a great way to get your body stretched out while working your core. You could do 10 min of cardio then 10 min of pilates so that you could get in 20 minutes of total exercise without feeling like your lungs are going to fall out (though your stomach will kill you the next day...the good kind of I'm getting stronger pain though)

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7/11/11 2:42 P

If you are eating right along with the 10 minutes of cardio, and have more than just vanity weight to lose, you should definitely notice weight loss. Remember a good diet is half the equation. On that note, is there a reason you can't do a full 30? Maybe try doing 10 minutes of exercise that pushes you and 20 minutes of something a little more laid back and fun. You can do it so don't second guess yourself. Good luck!

7/11/11 1:44 P

You will accomplish more if you do three 10 minute sessions of strength training on alternate days and the ten minutes of cardio on the non strength training days.

7/11/11 1:26 P

Its a start. Do what is comfortable and build on it as you get stronger. You can also break the 10 minutes up into 3 10 minute sessions throughout the day if you can.

Be proud that you started!

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7/11/11 1:23 P

Hi, I just started working out and I find the 30 minutes of cardio a little daunting, so I wanted to start out by doing 10 minutes everyday instead, but I'm not sure. Is just 10 minutes of Cardio a day really any use: will it be enough to cause an impact on my weight and will it help me build up enough to work my way up to 30 minute blocks?

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