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MARYMIRACLE12 SparkPoints: (4,000)
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10/25/13 10:01 A

morning, thank you for your recommendation! I think I should do it then... I am just so afraid and ashamed.. afraid of hurting myself and ashamed of people staring at me laughing.. they always do

DOCTORFOODLOVE SparkPoints: (18,945)
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10/25/13 8:08 A

I weigh in at 315 and I run 3-4miles 2-3 times a week. Your weight shouldn't stop you, but do start slow. Try a C25K program. Also, don't increase your intensity or volume too quickly. I'd say no more than 10% per week.

Good luck!

ANGELIKA111 SparkPoints: (72)
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10/25/13 2:43 A

The kind of exercises you performs, unless all the hard work is not complemented with the right kind of diet, a person will never be able to reach the highest level of performance.

MARYMIRACLE12 SparkPoints: (4,000)
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10/23/13 8:53 A

Morning guys! I wanted to ask you your opinion about wether I should be jogging or not! I am 202 pounds and even though I´ve been working out for 2 months now.. I don´t know if it is recommended for someone of my weight--!

AGITATOR1 SparkPoints: (3,885)
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10/21/13 9:02 P

I quit smoking and started exercising way back in 1994. So I have learned many things along the way. The basics I would recommend is the cardio which using the treadmill is great, Many challenges can be made using the treadmill which I did. My fastest time for a mile was 6 minutes 35 seconds. Find exercises in the gym that work your posture. I used the bench press and the incline presses along with behind the neck press using light weights. I do a variety of exercises that work the abs then I do leg exercises

MARYMIRACLE12 SparkPoints: (4,000)
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Posts: 44
10/17/13 2:49 P

I love the way you talk (in this case write hehe), you´re very positive! I have tried to lose weight for the last 5 years almost, but this time is different! I feel it... it´s what you said, i´m being active now... i´m trying to fight against my sedentary lifestyle!

I don´t hate gyms but I hate routines... so I decided to find activities that were more open. I attend yoga once a week, insanity classes twice, kickboxing once, cardio dancing once, boot camp once and trekking once. I have the classes organized to fit my whole week but I have to admit sometimes I need to stay home and relax a bit, but I like having the options! perhaps one week I can only do some activities but next week I do them all.

My biggest struggle is ice cream! well, and cravings when i´m bored!

10/17/13 2:32 P

I totally agree with Mary!! As a trainer in a gym, people ask me all the time what the best workouts for beginners are. I tell them "absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt, the best workout for a beginner is one they enjoy doing." Statistically, most people will drop out of a workout program in the first 6 months. Depressing I know. However, if the person is participating in an activity that truly enjoy doing, their success rates are exponentially higher! Your goal in the beginning shouldn't even be about losing weight (as far as exercise is concerned), these should be your goals instead:
-Get moving. Move more than you usually move every single day. Even if it's 10pm and you just realized you didn't move for that day, march in place for 60 seconds. Get your body used to movement.
-Find things that you love. Try everything! Zumba, kickboxing, walking, dancing like an idiot with your kids around the living room. It all counts.
-Pay attention to how good you feel mentally and physically when you exercise.
-Most importantly, learn to accept that you ARE going to have set backs. It is part of the process. The good news is, tomorrow is another day. Heck! This minute is a different minute! Don't wait until tomorrow to start over again. Every good thing you do for your body counts.
So, yeah, your one and only goal in the first 6 months of a workout program is to find a way to stick with it!!

Oh and the suggestion about finding a fit friend is excellent! Don't depend on your sedentary, overweight friend to motivate you to the gym. 85% of people don't work out on a regular basis. So why would you raise your odds of failure by depending on one of them to get YOU to the gym?! Ask a friend who already walks the walk to drag you to the gym with them.

MARYMIRACLE12 SparkPoints: (4,000)
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10/17/13 12:17 P

Hi Ana, I am not much of a workout at home person, so I found that if I attend outdoor activities or workout classes, I tend to really get excited about it and do exercise.

I would advise you to find an insanity class or zumba or dance classes given by an instructor so you can have fun beside working out. Get info about walking or trekking for beginners maybe 3k only in your area.

Finally, look for a fit friend! someone who joins you in each activity and pushes you to succeed.

MARYMIRACLE12 SparkPoints: (4,000)
Fitness Minutes: (1,865)
Posts: 44
10/17/13 12:10 P

Hello guys!

My name´s Mary, I'm from Venezuela (south America). I´m 27 years old and my weight is 202pounds. I´ve been working out and *dieting* since August--- But as I am still a beginner really, I wanted someone to share my highly frequent doubts and demotivation.

LIZOFSTAD SparkPoints: (16,467)
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10/9/13 11:06 A

Today's exercise of the day reverse plank instructions were inadequate. I am a beginner and couldn't do it the way it was described on the pages, but I searched and found a video that showed me how. Then I was able to at least get to the pose. Please add a video to demonstrate the reverse plank. Thanks!

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
4/16/13 2:31 P

Sparkpeople videos! I love them. They offer a lot of variety and the are all 30 minutes or less- Most of them less than 15 minutes.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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Posts: 9,713
4/16/13 12:49 P

Have you tried the Workout Generator?

It can be accessed from the fitness section of the website.

NEWME7231 SparkPoints: (4,306)
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4/16/13 12:37 P

I just started as well. I do the walk away the pounds DVD. I got it for $10 at walmart and it came with a band. I'm currently doing the 1 mile walk but the DVD goes up to a 4 mile super challenge so you can work your way up.

ANNADJARRETT10 SparkPoints: (18,836)
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4/16/13 12:34 P

I need suggestions for workouts. I started sparkpeople a week ago and want to have several workouts so I don't do the same thing every day. I've never been a big workout person so they need to start off pretty easy. I have a treadmill at home and do not go to a gym so these need to be pretty basic I guess. I'd like to do 30-45 minutes a day. Thank you!

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