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LMCNAIR3 SparkPoints: (11,419)
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6/12/14 9:16 P

Although I have Leslie Sansone as well. I also enjoy Jessica Smith and Ilaria Montagnani

CAROLINAGIRL69 SparkPoints: (104,725)
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5/30/14 7:56 A

I also recommend Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds dvds. Start with the 1 mile and work your way up.

You can do it!

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,172
5/30/14 6:13 A

I'd agree with Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds. There's a bunch of her stuff on youtube for free. Like a pp said, you don't even need to do the different steps-- just keep those feet moving to the music and march in place. The different steps are all very simple, 4 basic steps with a couple variations thrown in. I'm not coordinated at all and I find her easy to follow.

There are also a bunch of seated cardio videos here on Spark, plus about a zillion (ok, fine, maybe I'm exaggerating, but there are a LOT) of them on youtube. Just search seated cardio or chair cardio.

KARANICOLE33 SparkPoints: (3,798)
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5/29/14 3:50 P

I second the Leslie Sansone walking videos. You don't have to be coordinated at all (otherwise I'd be in trouble emoticon . She even says during the workouts that it isn't the steps but the pace that gets you fit. I have several of her DVDs and love them all. Some have the "boosted walking" intervals (which is just jogging, really...) and others are her basic walking moves, but all are worth checking out.

KURS10B Posts: 5,106
5/29/14 12:30 P

The early "the firm" videos arent bad. Not too many goofy dance moves. I am uncoordinated as all get out, but I can do the early stuff. They mix aerobic type things with weights so you get a full body workout and raise your heart rate. Some of the Denise Austin stuff isn't too bad either, but she is a bit too perky for me sometimes.

MLAN613 Posts: 17,534
5/24/14 7:48 A

I am not very graceful myself, so, join the club! emoticon

SP has some great free videos in the fitness section. You may also try your library. They may have fitness videos you can try for free as well. Some great "beginner" videos are Biggest Loser and Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds.

Side note: Does your gym offer drop in fitness classes? (I know you mentioned in case you can't make it; this would be a suggestion for when you can, of course.) That may be fun to try and usually have a low cost associated with them. I have made great friends through classes. Also, if you try a class, let the instructor now you're new because than he/she can offer alternatives.

NEWWIFENEWLIFE SparkPoints: (9,144)
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5/23/14 8:54 P

Hello all!!!
So I normally go to the gym for my workouts, but I was wanting to find me a video or two that I could get in case for some reason I can't make it one day. What would you suggest? Also I'm not very graceful or coordinated so really skilled videos would probably make me fall over or punch the table... It is a sad state my gracefulness is in :)

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