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1/4/14 5:33 P

Definitely take advantage of the orientation/introduction if there is one. If not, you can mix some cardio with some weights and be on the right track. My go-to workout is something like this:

15 minutes treadmill (warm up)
15 minutes weights (alternate arms and legs, do 10-12 reps on 10-12 different machines)
15 minutes other cardio (stationary bike, stair climber, etc.)
15 minutes weights (repeat above)

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1/4/14 8:06 A

If your gym membership includes training sessions, take advantage of those. They'll show you how to use the cardio and weight machines. Try out classes. You may like some and not like some. Chat with others in the locker room or wherever and see what they like. Knowing others is encouragement to me to go workout -- that way I'll see my "workout buddies." Congrats on joining and moving forward with a healthy lifestyle!!!

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1/4/14 6:00 A

I started out with classes, even ones that didn't *sound* good to me, just to figure out what I liked and didn't. The staff tried to teach me how to do a few basic machines but I was not interested or aware of the benefits of strength training at the time.

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1/3/14 9:50 P

Hello All
I am starting at the Gym tomorrow and just wanted to see if anyone had any gym routines for a beginner. or what did you do when you were first starting out at the gym?

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