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Before & After pictures!

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Posts: 566
1/3/13 3:11 P

I love before/after photos, you look great! Keep up the hard work! emoticon

SparkPoints: (36,477)
Fitness Minutes: (35,348)
Posts: 1,397
1/3/13 2:05 P

ITSABSURD, it's totally not absurd! It's incredibly awesome! You look like a million bucks, and I know you feel like a million bucks, too! I bet eyes are a poppin', epecially those who haven't seen you since your 198 lb days. Am I right!!? And the very best part about know exactly what to do to keep your weight down to those eye-poppin' levels.

Spark On! and Happy New Year.

SparkPoints: (17,907)
Fitness Minutes: (13,040)
Posts: 107
1/3/13 1:56 P

You look wonderful...congratulations!!

SparkPoints: (152,962)
Fitness Minutes: (131,353)
Posts: 23,488
1/3/13 9:47 A

emoticon emoticon

Posts: 5,854
11/27/12 10:31 P

Wow! You look like a new person! and certainly not intermediate now - but healthy and gorgeous.

SparkPoints: (7,052)
Fitness Minutes: (1,762)
Posts: 193
11/27/12 10:17 P


SparkPoints: (12,664)
Fitness Minutes: (11,146)
Posts: 216
11/27/12 8:23 P

Amazing job! emoticon You have accomplished so much -- you should be so proud of yourself!!

Posts: 6,278
11/27/12 4:15 P


SparkPoints: (64,253)
Fitness Minutes: (35,805)
Posts: 4,366
11/27/12 2:07 P

WOW!!! You do look fabulous! I know you are so proud of yourself, and besides looking great, you have done wonderful things for your health. Give yourself a great big... "attagirl", and look for a sparkgoodie to help you celebrate!

SparkPoints: (29,135)
Fitness Minutes: (28,686)
Posts: 1,988
11/26/12 9:59 P

You look AMAZING!!!
So happy for you! Congrats on a stellar job and for inspiring countless others.
emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (136,443)
Fitness Minutes: (68,932)
Posts: 33,408
11/26/12 12:42 P

Yes, I also find these photos inspiring. Congrats on all your achievements.

SparkPoints: (5,384)
Fitness Minutes: (1,717)
Posts: 179
11/26/12 10:41 A

Wow, you look amazing! Way to go! :D

SparkPoints: (8,123)
Fitness Minutes: (13,215)
Posts: 132
11/26/12 9:07 A

You look incredibly beautiful thanks so much for sharing you give other hope!!

SparkPoints: (50,001)
Fitness Minutes: (19,646)
Posts: 1,667
11/26/12 8:35 A

emoticon GREAT emoticon

Posts: 14,106
11/26/12 6:06 A

Awesome progress!

Posts: 1,530
11/26/12 12:07 A

You look amazing! Congrats! Before and After are my favs! Gives me hope there is hope!
Blessings! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 1,162
11/25/12 2:19 P

I LOVE those comparison pictures too! I can hardly wait to go see yours! Thanks for the heads up.

SparkPoints: (18,382)
Fitness Minutes: (9,226)
Posts: 713
11/25/12 1:59 P

I don't know about all of you, but I LOVE before/after pictures. Whether it's someone who has lost hundreds of pounds, or someone already relatively small who has lost 10 - they inspire me. I've now lost 70lbs, and finally decided to make a before & after picture (or rather, a before & intermediate, because I still have some more weight to lose). The picture is on my SparkPage, so check it out!

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