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3/3/11 6:18 P

If you want something to make you sweat more or to amp up your walks I would go with ankle and arm weights, or a weight vest if that's what you are looking to do.

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3/3/11 6:14 P

Its about calories burned vs eaten. You may be eating an amount that you need to walk that much to drop weight. If you cut calories you could cut downt he workouts

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3/3/11 2:14 P

Ha! Been walking about 8 miles a day now for 4 days. Been eating more or less the same amount, and lost 4 pounds. I'm sticking with whatever it is I'm doing (basically walking myself to exhaustion), and no plastic bag either. I do sweat like crazy but I also am drinking about 2 gallons of water a day. As for getting enough rest I have to sedate myself, psychiatrist finally gave me my meds, kind of difficult to get enough sleep with anxiety, panic, eating, and sleeping disorders not to mention my depression. Aaahhh I do feel much better now. Anti depressants wont kick in for another 2 weeks, but my other meds get me the much needed rest, so that I can accomplish the weight loss.

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2/19/11 3:40 P

As stated before the plastic will cause water weight loss and can also lead to dehydration.

Please measure yourself and use that as a guude of progress if the scale seems to not be moving.
Good luck. emoticon

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2/18/11 11:18 P

way to go

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2/18/11 9:16 P

That's a great accomplishment though....4 miles a day for 4 weeks! Think about the positive. Keep an eye on your measurements too, sometimes they will tell you more than weight will. And you've definitely got to be eating healthier choices to make that difference. My walking for years probably just slowed down my weight gain but I was definitely making poor food choices and overportioning my food....tracking my food has been putting alot into perspective. It's a whole package but patience and a focus on the positive strides you're making will get you there.

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2/18/11 8:47 P

Never heard of wearing a black trash bag. Seems like a good way to get overheated.

Don't worry about the (lack of) weightloss. It will come. Focus on how you are feeling: do you feel stronger? More energy? Is it easier now to walk then it was 4 weeks ago?

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2/18/11 8:18 P

Sweating will just lead to water weight loss, which comes back as soon as you rehydrate, as well as risking overheating.

As for lack of weight loss, the weight loss triad in order of importance is nutrition, strength training and finally cardio. So track your food and make changes, and start strength training if you aren't already. Lastly, be patient. Many Sparkers don't see the scale move until 6-8 weeks into the program.

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2/18/11 8:11 P

I have never heard of that...have you lost inches at all? I'd love to be able to walk 4 miles a day!

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2/18/11 7:54 P

Been walking 4 miles per day for four weeks now, haven't lost a single pound. Been told that to sweat more I should wear a black trash bag around my mid riff. What is the general opinion on that?

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