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10/19/12 2:15 P


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10/19/12 1:16 P

I hear ya!

I have been sick too, and I have been sleeping a lot. 20 hours on Monday, another 20 hours on Tuesday.
The house is a mess, the paperwork is piled up.... I am tackling both today as I am feeling better.

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10/19/12 8:38 A

This week has been not the best because I've been sick. I did my best to stay focused, but really all I wanted to do was sleep this week. My appetite was very low and so therefore, didn't eat much and when I did it wasn't the best in choices. I was not able to exercise b/c any extra time I had, well, I just slept. But I think I am finally on the up swing. I did try to log my food in take and still visit the site. I just didn't work out or post/read on the message boards. But hopefully things will improve today and I'll be able to keep up with everything again. I am debating on working out today. I would really like too, but not sure if my body is ready for it yet. I have really enjoyed the skinny jeans workout I've been doing on x-box connect. I also really enjoy walking with my dog. But I should probably clean the house b/c that has been neglected, too! Anyway, thanks for listening. Off to start my day with breakfast!

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