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5/20/14 2:59 P

Not to worry I go all the time......They now have a menu with low calories and food under 600 calories...Most of their regular meals range from about 1000-2000 calories however their new low fare is great tasting and low in calories. If you are responsible you can really enjoy yourself. The minestrone soup is like 100 calories and the salad is 150 per serving. The other soups are about 30-50 calories higher but the sodium on most is fairly high. As for the bread sticks I just don't eat them until I get my food and only eat one or half of one. Sometimes I don't eat them at all. It really is a lot easier than you think. Good luck and enjoy the memories!

ACHANSO Posts: 1,073
5/20/14 2:43 P

AWESOME JOB, sounds like you did just the right thing

Yes, Olive Garden DOES have some healthy entrees. Also, they have some healthy appetizers.

If you or someone else is going back, you could order a health appetizer, and eat 1-2 breadsticks plus the salad and that would probably be plenty filling! I love OG. Oh and don't forget the Andes mints at the end.

EMILYDOODLE Posts: 1,708
5/20/14 2:26 P

i would recommend the tilapia or salmon, and get salad without dressing and one bread stick.

BRAKAI02 SparkPoints: (21,467)
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5/20/14 12:15 P

I believe that they have some diet friendly meals. Stay away from anything breaded, loaded with cheese, ask for the salad dressing on the side and no breadsticks. That is one of my favorite restaurants and I will be going there is a couple weeks for my birthday

MAMABEAR372 SparkPoints: (44,942)
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5/18/14 12:35 P

Checking out the menu online before hand is a smart thing to do! I try to do that every chance I get to make sure I stay on track. Great Job!

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,806)
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5/18/14 12:01 P

That's definitely a Woo-Hoo in my book!
Great job!!

MLAN613 Posts: 18,439
5/18/14 9:05 A

I am so glad to hear you found a way to work it into your new lifestyle! I hope her prom was a blast.

KAYLEESMEME SparkPoints: (23,598)
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5/18/14 8:39 A

Salad is the best!!!


RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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5/18/14 8:37 A

I love love love their salad!!

KAYLEESMEME SparkPoints: (23,598)
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5/18/14 7:46 A

Thank you everyone! So, I did go, but I checked the menu beforehand. I ate one breadstick, I asked for a box with my meal, I took a little more than half the meal off my plate, ate plenty of salad, and totally enjoyed the meal, my daughter and the company! After dinner my friend and I went to the movies and laughed hard enough to burn off several of the calories we took in.

I think I even inspired my friend. She also ate one breadstick and took more than half of her meal off her plate!

I am calling this a VICTORY!!!!!!!

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
5/17/14 11:43 A

Your daughter won't have a prom every week, so I would just go enjoy yourself, and get back on track the next day with your regular diet. We don't get fat because of 1 meal, but 1000's of poor meals in a row. One isn't going to kill you, unless you don't think that you will be able to resume your regular diet afterwards.

Leave meals like this for those special occasions.. birthdays, holiDAYS ( not seasons ), proms, graduations, weddings, and I think you will be okay. If you eat off plan 15 days a year, and on plan 350 days a year, the only reason that you wouldn't lose weight is that your plan doesn't work.

So instead of being miserable with 1/2 a breadstick, splurge, and have Enjoy it for your daughter. The night is about her, and that should be your focus. You have 350 other days to focus on your diet. Enjoy the night, and she will enjoy it even more.

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
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5/17/14 10:39 A

Life is to short not to have a breadstick or two!! I haven't been there in a long time, but when I last went I told myself that two breadsticks were plenty and that I would not die if I ate them. So the two I had was a much better choice then the five that I use to eat! Moderation is key

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
5/17/14 10:30 A

Maybe it will help you to look at "dieting" differently: Healthier.

Do you go to Olive Garden every week and pig out on breadsticks? If not, look at this for what it is. A treat. A special occasion. Dinner before your daughter's prom - an once in a lifetime event, unless she repeats 12th grade 14 times.....

Go and have a good time. Eat a few breadsticks, if that is your thing. How many do you plan on eating? 5? And? Will you somehow die if you eat let's say 5 breadsticks? Will you have to be rushed to the ER over this?

You do not need prayers to get through one special meal - what you need to do is make wise choices (or not, even....) by looking at the menu beforehand....but what you need to really do is have a good time!!!

You do not ever want to live a lifestyle (and this is what this is) where you get unhinged over being invited to a wedding reception, or thanksgiving dinner, or a Bar Mitvah (sp?), or an anniversary party. These things occur in life - and what you do for each, is....have a good time and celebrate why you are there, and the good company you are with, and the good food, too!

I dunno, that's how I look at life.

STDWYNWEN SparkPoints: (11,748)
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5/17/14 9:30 A


Going to the OG website the nutrition guide said 1 bread stick with garlic butter spread is 140 cal.

Just plan ahead if you can and make good choices; remember tonight isn't about the food it's about having a nice evening out.

Good luck...

KAYLEESMEME SparkPoints: (23,598)
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5/17/14 8:19 A

My daughter's Senior prom is tonight, and her friends mother invited us to dinner at Olive Garden prior to the prom. Yikes! I love the bread sticks! Will one be too much? Should I eat just a half, or should I really test my willpower and just say No! to bread sticks! I need some prayers, some thoughts to strengthen my resolve. emoticon

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