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4/14/11 11:34 A

Thanks Nxy for sharing. Hoping I can find the right combination so I don't have to add another med.

Thanks Russell - Going to keep working at it. ;)

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4/13/11 11:50 P

good for you bellau.. the A1C is a better measure.. just keep it up!

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4/13/11 8:06 P

I actually had my insulin increased because my morning levels are spiking like crazy despite having a snack before going to bed. Some times the pank just can't do it any more and outside help is necessary, not always but for many it is.

I tend to have a samwage (mostly because I've almost never close to my calorie limit so its almost always something that gets me into the bear min of 1200 for the day or higher (SP n Dietitian's goal is 1800 a day bear min, its hard to hit that high for me, am a chronic under eater, even with following what my diabetic dietitian laid out for me).

One thing I like to snack on at night are apples and other fruit, have to watch the PB since nuts and me are not great friends, but its cheap and since I don't have a lot of funds to spend on food, you work with what you have open to you regardless.

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4/13/11 8:05 P

Thank you Russell. I'm definitely working on losing the weight - 39 pounds so far. Just had my A1C done and it's the lowest it's been since I was diagnosed.

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4/13/11 8:05 P

Thank you Becky for the different suggestions Becky! Those will definitely give me some more options.

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4/13/11 7:56 P

the first choice I was always told was eat some carbs.. that didn't work.

I finally settled on 2 chicken thighs, and a can of veggies( fiber & protein).. my morning BS's went from 160 to 80-90.. and I ate this an hour before bed.. make the fast as short as possible.

Now I no longer have to take diabetes meds.Because I lost 100 lbs.
Weight loss will do the most good for your diabetes , so make this your primary focus, space out your carbs, and cals evenly over 4-6 meals, and eat real food, that you make yourself.

Hope that helps, but I would worry more about my A1C than a morning BS

4/13/11 7:54 P

eggs and toast
hardcooked egg and toast
cottage cheese and fruit
hard cheese and fruit or crackers
peanut butter (other nut butters) and small bagel
trail mix with cereal, dried fruit, nuts
cereal, milk, and nuts
greek yogurt
1/2 deli meat sandwich
cheddar cheese and fruit

Dietitian Becky

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4/13/11 3:58 P

I've have type II diabetes and have been having issues with my fasting blood sugars being high in the morning. This is actually a sort of syndrome where my blood sugars are dropping too low while I'm sleeping so my body’s natural process kicks in and I end up being too high by morning. I've talked with my doctor and while she could prescribe an additional medication, we have mutually decided that since I am losing weight and getting more exercise, that we are going to hold off on the meds for now, but that I should try having a bedtime snack. This is traditionally a good way for diabetics to get their overnight blood sugars back in line.

The snack should be high in protein and low in carbs – 1 carb preferably (15gms).

The issue I’m having is finding good alternative snacks that fit this profile. I’ve used 2 tbsp peanut butter on a frozen waffle – yummy but getting old and while it has lowered my numbers, it could be lower. I was given the suggestion of cottage cheese and crackers or fruit, which I tried, but it doesn’t agree with my digestive system with going to bed right afterwards and has had no effect at all on my numbers for the days that's I've tried this option. I’ve also been given the suggestion of a small sandwich but haven’t tried it yet.

Does anyone else have this issue or ideas on different snacks I could give a try? I am trying to lose weight so I want it to be healthy, but would also like to avoid intestinal volcano in the middle of the night.

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