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12/21/12 10:35 P


12/21/12 9:24 P

So frustrating!
I wish you good nights of sleep for Christmas!

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12/21/12 8:52 P

Wish I could stay awake long enough to read a few magazine articles.

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12/21/12 6:55 P

Just hoping I get a good nights sleep.

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12/21/12 5:21 P

i had problems getting my teenagers to bed at a decent hour...they would wait till i fell asleep then turn on lights and start playing computer games. i got sick of getting up and sending them back to bed even at 2am. So i decided enough is enough being sick of the arguments to go to place has different circuits for various power points in the house. So now i go out at 9pm and turn the lights and power point circuits off at the main switch except the circuit that run my fridge and a freezer then padlock the box so they cant get into it to turn them on...they did complain which i responded with i can leave the power off all day more arguments they go to bed now

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12/7/12 9:10 P

Kids are in bed. I hit the hay early, only to be awakened tired and frustrated. Wish warm milk would really make them sleep. I'd give'm a gallon.

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