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4/14/13 11:04 A

I agree with what most others have said - adding them into foods you normally eat is probably the best way. Chili, soups, casseroles (like mexican lasagna) is the easiest way. Or try mixing black beans (and corn) in a jar of your favorite salsa.

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4/14/13 10:16 A

When I started following the Spark Solution plan for a couple of weeks, I suddenly started eating white cannelini beans... there are quite a few recipes that put them in everything! One, for example, was to put some in chicken enchiladas. They're a great way to add healthy carbs into many recipes in ways you wouldn't think about!

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4/14/13 8:37 A

If you want to eat beans because you think they are a great source of protein think about this.

Kidney Beans 51% carbohydrate, 14% fat, 35% protein

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 0% carbohydrate, 20% fat, 80% protein

So while beans have protein in them they are not a great source. If your goal is to get more protein than hands down chicken breasts are the way to go.

Disclaimer - I hate beans, I can eat them but prefer not to. I don't like the texture and they give me terrible gas even when properly prepared, so I avoid them.

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4/14/13 12:33 A

Your original post states that you dislike beans. May i ask why you feel you need to include them?
I can think of at least 50 other foods that are more nutritionally significant than beans. I would be more concerned about including them daily and bet that you enjoy enough of them to make for a pleasant mealplan for you.

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4/14/13 12:16 A

Pureeing, mix with rice, use as filling in some dishes. There are tons of ways to incorporate them. I suggest heading over to the recipe section.


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4/13/13 9:25 P

I love beans and have them often.

I like Red Kidney Beans in "Mexican" themed dishes. My grandson is now living with me and he doesn't like the texture of beans at all, but will eat them if they are pureed up with other stuff, so that is what I do - add them to the sauces and puree them.

Baked Beans are great - I occasionally have them for breakfast or lunch, on toast.

You could make Black Bean soup - if you don't like the texture, or find that chunky/watery soups less filling, make it thick and puree it. I find that soups don't go 'squish' in my tummy, then and I stay fuller for longer.


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4/13/13 8:16 P

I love most beans, I make a whole 2 lb. bag in pressure cooker w/ lots of spices & , lots of veggies too, about 2 hours till very tender. That's not long compared to 4 or 5 hours traditional method. I then incorporate them in meals all week. This week I made black beans, w/ chili power, cumin, garlic, onion , celery, and some finely ground carrots . so yummy, wed w/enchiladas, Thursday.w/tostadas, Friday w/soup, Sat. black bean veggie burgers.
Do you think I can use these in the brownies, since I have all those spices in them ? I sure want to try those BROWNIES ! ! ! emoticon

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4/13/13 6:43 P

I just made these tonight, they're blondies made with chickpeas:

I also make black bean brownies:

You'd never know in a million years they were made with beans. I use splenda brown sugar blend, I know a lot of people aren't keen on splenda but you can use any sort of natural sweetener you want. Honestly, imo they don't need much sweetening at all, the texture is just amazing.

I make a fat free, Greek yogurt, mashed banana, cinnamon "icing" to go on top. Or sometimes Greek yogurt mixed with a twice the fruit jam.

I also use this mix of mango, bell pepper, black bean, red onion and add it to salads or seafood tacos:

I made black bean burgers for the first time and had one today, it was delicious with avocado, cheese, honey mustard and tomato:

I also added a roasted chili and tamarind spice not incl. in the recipe. It was great!

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4/13/13 6:37 P

Pinto or black beans are nice... or "romano" - all are mild and soft and "go with anything." Instead of trying to eat straight-up beans, you could start by simply tossing a few into a salad or soup or even into a rice pilaf. Or spaghetti sauce (chunky-shaped pasta with tomato sauce and white kidney beans - aka cannellini beans - is surprisingly good).

They are a good source of complex carbs, protein and fibre.

I agree with the previous poster, that red kidney beans might not be the nicest introduction to beans for the bean-wary, they do have a thicker skin and more beany sort of presence.

Another option is lentils - I'm not so fussy on the canned ones but they cook fairly quickly from dry, especially the tiny "puy" lentils, and blend well into salads, pilafs and soups. Red lentil look so pretty dry/uncooked, but they turn yellow once cooked!! and totally lose their shape - they are good for thickening up a soup and adding fibre, protein and flavour.

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4/13/13 6:04 P

I don't think any human should eat beans if they have veggies, fruits, and meats available. JMO

I found this article interesting:

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4/13/13 5:42 P

emoticon I would suggest putting them in a casserole so that they'll be mixed with other foods. I like pintos because their skins get soft when cooked. Kidney beans can have a tough outer skin even after cooking, so they are not liked by some people for that reason.

You can get your vitamins/minerals through other foods too. If you're really against beans, look for other foods that have the same kinds of minerals & vitamins.

My sister hates beans and therefore, doesn't eat them at all, so I can understand where you're coming from. Do some research on the web to see what you can come up with. Good luck!

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4/13/13 4:57 P

I know that Beans are a great sources of protein and are just generally a food I should probably be eating. However, I've never been a big fan (well, except for coffee beans), but I really want to try adding them to my diet. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good type to start with?

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