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11/8/12 8:46 P

The chili turned out just fine! I put 2 extra cups of water in and let them cook for 8 hours on low in the crock pot and they are tender and yummy! Now we know......but I don't think I'll try that with pintos. The black beans are smaller and not so hard to start with. Good thing I soaked them!! 3 meals ready for the freezer tomorrow......yummy!

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11/8/12 2:34 P

Soak dried beans overnight and cook them for about an hour and a half. When the pot comes to a boil turn it down to simmer.


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11/8/12 12:04 P


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11/8/12 11:09 A

fill crockpot to one inch below top, stir, put lid on all the way, put on low and forget, do not peek for at least 6 hrs more.

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11/8/12 8:51 A

I always soak dried beans over night in plain water.
Next morning I drain them and let them begin to sprout a little before cooking them.
Hint: water your plants with the water. They love it!
This wakes up the flavor and adds more nutrients to them.
I then cook them in plain water until they are tender.
Then and only then do I proceed with the recipe.
Adding salt or acid like tomatoes to the dried beans is a problem.
They simply won't get tender.

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11/8/12 8:36 A

at least you soaked them first.
I think it may take more liquid ingredients and a little longer to cook; but I'd think you'd still be OK. Especially since black beans are a little smaller than, say, kidney beans or chick peas (the latter, especially seem to be harder than most)

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11/8/12 8:05 A

Just cook them a LONG time and it will work out. Put in a bit more liquid. I'm thinking in a crock pot, at least 12 hours on high (and keep adding water as needed).

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11/8/12 8:02 A

I tried to rescue the beans, but there's too much stuff mixed in. I'll add extra water and keep a close eye on it. We'll see what happens.

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11/8/12 7:41 A

If i were you i'd take a dipping spoon with holes in it and let the juice ect drip threw then put the beans in a pot by themself and cook them till done drain the water off and add to chilli ingredients otherwise your other stuff will cook away . When i can chilli i do 14 quarts at a time ! GOOD LUCK !

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11/8/12 6:57 A

you're going to need more water.
i'd also start googling around for a recipe that actually makes chili with just soaked beans. there are a few out there. and pay attention to when they add stuff. generally things like tomatoes get added much later [the acidity makes it harder to soften the beans]. my slowcooker chili recipes seem to say that you need to cook the beans in water for 6 hours before adding the rest of the ingredients for example.
you might also want to strain out the dried beans, reserve everything else from the cooker, cook them in water, then add your mixture back in.

-google first. ask questions later.

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11/8/12 6:46 A

If you soak your dried black beans overnight and then get up too early, start the chili, have a major brain dump, and put all the chili ingredients into the crockpot and turn it on before you remember you were supposed to actually COOK the beans...........can't believe I did this.......will they ever get soft or is this a lost cause??


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