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Vegetables, low-sugar fruits, egg whites, and fat free dairy can all be lower calorie parts of a bean-free diet.
Healthy fats and protein tend to be very filling.

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I very rarely eat beans or legumes, and don't miss them. Basically, what you are looking for when "replacing" them in a meal plan is something with carbs, fibre, and protein.

From the standpoint of being filling, I find that the best "replacement" is lots of high-fibre veggies. For me, satiety is best accomplished with having some fats and something highly flavourful, so a spicy sauce with some oil in it is ideal with the veggies to be more filling.

From the standpoint of additional protein / carbs, are you able to have quinoa, or pearl barley? Either of those can work in a lot of recipes that call for legumes. There are other seeds and grains that can work as well, especially if you are basically just using it as volume or thickener in a soup or stew.

You may find that it's simply easier to create your own meal plan to follow instead of the Spark one, so that you can work with just the foods that you like and can have.

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I have G6PD deficiency which basically means no beans or legumes. So alot of filling meals are off the table for me. I also have trouble with the spark meal plan because of it. Any suggestions of other filling things to eat.

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