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Refried beans are really easy. Just soak pinto beans overnight, change the water, and cook at a low simmer until they are done, adding water as necessary to keep them covered. When the beans are done, pour off most of the water into a container. Use a stick blender to blend the beans to your desired consistency. You may need to add back a little of the water, if your beans are too thick. To season--you can add a packet of no-salt added chicken boullion and/or you can add a little salt, to taste. Simple! :) Then, you can use them for side-dishes, burritos, etc.

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Here's a recipe for Red Beans and Rice. Its delicious and I lower the calories by switching to turkey smoked sausage. I also use less sausage and a little more of the veggies. Serve it over some brown rice. Delicious.

3/31/14 8:41 A

This is an excellent recipe for turkey and black bean chili. You can leave out the turkey and add more beans and I'm sure you'd still get excellent flavor.

When you're making bean dishes and you're starting with dry beans, make sure you soak the beans and cook them to the desired tenderness before adding acidic or sweet ingredients. If you're trying to make, say, baked beans and you add brown sugar before the beans are soft, you'll be stuck with crunchy beans - ick. The same goes with tomatoes and other acidic foods - don't add these foods until the beans are as tender as you want them to be. Otherwise the beans will stay crunchy and hard.

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Check out and Real Simple. Both have great bean dishes. There is a black bean and sweet potato chili on Real Simple that you make in a slow cooker that is fantastic!

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Here is a link to many bean recipes :-)

I am wondering if you are new to using them? If so, be careful that you don't suddenly change your diet, because others around you might live to regret it, if you get the drift - LOL! (Notorious for "gone with the wind" or should I say "BEAN" with the wind emoticon


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I am looking for good and simple dry bean recipes. Suggestions? I don't know why something so simple to our ancestors is so difficult for me to cook well. I like sweet and savory bean dishes.

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