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Be honest; ever try diet pills?

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Posts: 6,615
4/10/11 11:50 P

yeah... lame

Posts: 723
4/10/11 11:48 P

Only green tea pills...I loved them.

Posts: 4,040
4/10/11 11:48 P

no, I would be too scared

Posts: 5,853
4/10/11 11:45 P

yes i have

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Posts: 17
4/10/11 11:44 P

Yes. Spent hundreds. Will I try it again? I don't know but for now I'm eating healthy and exercising to lose weight.

Posts: 924
4/10/11 11:39 P

Yep. Once and that was enough. For the longest time I always told myself I'd *never* get so desperate that I'd resort to diet pills, but as my weight steadily increased over the years and after I reached 300 lbs I lost any hope of losing weight on my own.

I was also addicted to watching late night infomercials and saw one for a "safe and natural" weight loss pill. It was called Fiber Thin and you were supposed to take 3 of these horse pills with a huge glass of water 15 minutes before your meal (so 3x a day ended up being 9 pills a day) The gimmick was that when these pills reacted with the water, they would expand in your stomach and help you feel fuller for longer effortlessly AND would also trap additional fat and would prevent up to 300 calories a day from being absorbed into your system. They also came with a smaller bottle of green tea pills which would speed up your metabolism. I mean green tea and fiber, what's safer than that right?

I used these pills every day for a few weeks and didn't lose any weight. I just felt bloated and nauseous and after a while I noticed I started feeling dizzy and lightheaded after I'd take the pills. The feeling would go away after I ate so I ignored the symptoms until one night I felt a tight pressure in my brain and was so dizzy I couldn't even see straight. My whole body was shaking and my heart was pounding. Well that was enough for me. I dumped the pills in the trash the following morning and decided I was either going to remain fat forever or would somehow find a way to lose weight on my own because I would NEVER do anything like that again!

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Posts: 5,754
4/10/11 11:32 P

OH, yes, probably spent thousands, before I came to my senses.

Posts: 1,693
4/10/11 11:32 P

Never. A pill can't solve everything.

Posts: 2,514
4/10/11 11:31 P


Posts: 3,058
4/10/11 11:19 P

Yes, several different times I got suckered into buying them and they DID work, as long as I kept taking them, but I couldn't keep the weight off once I stopped because I hadn't really changed my eating habits. Now with SP, I've gotten to my goal weight and maintained for 7 months and counting. This is a much surer and safer way to lose weight and keep it off!

Posts: 1,035
4/10/11 11:18 P


Posts: 9,698
4/10/11 11:05 P


Posts: 1,169
4/10/11 10:54 P


Posts: 13,615
4/10/11 10:49 P

Have I tried diet pills? Yes

Would I do it again? No

Posts: 3,340
4/10/11 10:05 P

Yes, lots of OTC stuff. Not Rx. The worst was Herbalife, seriously bad side effects. There is no shortcut to being healthy and happy. Haven't tried any since 2002.

Posts: 2,313
4/10/11 9:59 P


Posts: 22
4/10/11 9:58 P

yes, years ago, never again

SparkPoints: (10,459)
Fitness Minutes: (3,721)
Posts: 312
4/10/11 9:55 P

Yes but not anymore

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Fitness Minutes: (585)
Posts: 19
4/10/11 9:45 P

no they scare me...

Posts: 3,483
4/10/11 9:45 P

Over 40 years ago

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SparkPoints: (268,886)
Fitness Minutes: (186,452)
Posts: 20,188
4/10/11 9:09 P

Late 80's

Posts: 173
4/10/11 8:34 P

Nope, too many scary stories.

Posts: 391
4/10/11 8:33 P


SparkPoints: (72,296)
Fitness Minutes: (66,561)
Posts: 3,751
4/10/11 8:32 P

Never, way too many side effects.

Posts: 6,256
4/10/11 7:37 P

When I was very young (years and years ago) I tried Dexatrim.

SparkPoints: (26,926)
Fitness Minutes: (4,625)
Posts: 690
4/10/11 7:34 P

I am 50 years old. When I was in my early twenties I tried diet pills. I went to a doctor and I did lose weight. But I was so stressed and unhealthy at the time. It causes anxiety and it is so hard on your body. The minute I stopped taking it my weight spiraled up and out of control. Not a good experience at all.

SparkPoints: (84,918)
Fitness Minutes: (42,519)
Posts: 2,754
4/10/11 7:27 P

Yep sad to say I did a long time ago.

Posts: 1,138
4/10/11 7:22 P

No. I've seen too many lawsuit commercials about people who have suffered significant negative health effect from taking diet pills to consider using them myself.

Posts: 1,305
4/10/11 7:02 P

yes, but several years ago.

SparkPoints: (10,287)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1,571
4/10/11 6:55 P

Many years ago as a teenager.

Posts: 16,826
4/10/11 6:47 P

yes, dexatrim, when I was a teenager, Metabolife,and Hydroxycut when I was in my early 20's

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Posts: 1,586
4/10/11 6:46 P


Posts: 305
4/10/11 6:46 P

Yes,phentermine. My doctor said they would help and I lost 80 lbs. But as soon as the pill stopped working and I quit taking them, the weight came back plus an extra 10 lbs.

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Fitness Minutes: (43,663)
Posts: 1,957
4/10/11 6:44 P


SparkPoints: (54,044)
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Posts: 7,527
4/10/11 6:43 P

nope....don't believe in them.

SparkPoints: (4,996)
Fitness Minutes: (3,458)
Posts: 189
4/10/11 6:01 P

Yes - only for a few days as they made me very sick. Good old fashioned exercise and eating smart works much better for me.

Posts: 3,725
4/10/11 5:37 P

yes-phentermine. my dr. even knew it. he said they were not bad for very short term use. unfortunately, you can't keep taking them forever, so might as well not even start.

Posts: 185
4/10/11 5:27 P

Tried them, they didn't work for me. After I stopped taking them, my head would hurt so bad too!

Posts: 36,798
4/10/11 5:26 P

Yes, I did & they really aren't good in the long run. I would never recommend them for anyone at all.

Posts: 2,247
4/10/11 5:19 P

No, but I have been tempted!

SparkPoints: (9,540)
Fitness Minutes: (4,790)
Posts: 248
4/10/11 4:36 P

I sure have.. Many different kinds and I would never recommend it.

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Fitness Minutes: (4,165)
Posts: 341
4/10/11 4:32 P


Posts: 2,277
4/10/11 4:18 P

not really

Posts: 8,896
4/10/11 4:17 P


SparkPoints: (52,342)
Fitness Minutes: (37,000)
Posts: 2,520
4/10/11 4:10 P

absolutely not...afraid to

Posts: 1,156
4/10/11 4:06 P

no, never.

Posts: 1,089
4/10/11 4:02 P

i tried phentermine. while i don't take them anymore, they helped kick off my weight loss. i don't think i'd be where i am now without them. so while i think i cheated a little by using them, i wouldn't change a thing.

Posts: 6,501
4/10/11 3:58 P

Yes, a lifetime ago, but not to lose weight.

SparkPoints: (104,429)
Fitness Minutes: (89,066)
Posts: 5,315
4/10/11 3:54 P

NO! And I WON'T...

Posts: 255
4/10/11 3:38 P

I've tried so many things in my quest to lose weight. Yes, years ago I tried pills: Dexatrim, Metabolife. During that time I guess I was looking for a quick fix, or an alternative exercise and eating healthy. I used diet different brands of diet pills for approximately 4 months but never saw any results, other than withdrawal symptoms after I stopped taking those pills. After that experience, I learned how dangerous those medicines are after long time use. I've never gone back and have since become an advocate healthy weightloss without the use diet pills.

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