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9/29/12 7:25 P

Again thank you for feedback.

I will add another day of strength training to see if that helps. I weight 200 pounds. My bmi is over 30. I had a body fat test 3 years ago. I did like that versus the scale. I have been reading a lot of articles. Has anyone read You on a Diet? Is it recommended? Our library has a copy so I thought I would check it out once available.....

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9/28/12 1:33 P


I was looking at your Spark page for more clues about you. One team you're on says that you're in your 30s and trying to lose 10-20 pounds. Depending on what your current height, you might be at a healthy weight even though you think you might need to lose.

Here's the thing, the closer a person is to a health/normal weight for their height, the harder and longer it takes to lose any excess. A person who is morbidly obese could safely lose 1-2 pounds per week. However, someone who weighed say 150 pounds and was trying to get to 140 would find it a lot harder to lose that same 10 pounds.

What is your current weight and height ? If your BMI is anywhere from say 19-25, that is a fairly healthy range. And it would explain why it's so difficult for you to lose. You may not need to lose 10 pounds.

Have you ever had your body fat percentage tested ? If not, I'm going to recommend that you do. Any good personal trainer can do a 9 point caliper test. Don't let them use any hand meters or body fat scales. those are notoriously inaccurate. Have a PT use a set of calipers to determine your body fat percentage. It's possible you may be at a healthy body fat percentage.

Women are really hard on their bodies. We think we need to lose when we don't. And well, pregnancy does change a woman's body.

Also, what are you doing for strength training ? a good strength training program could help you drop 1-2 clothing sizes without changing the scale. it's just a matter of adding more lean muscle and decreasing body fat. You wouldn't have to starve yourself either. Strength training can also help tighten you up. So, if you're not strength training, I'm going to encourage you to start. It really can change your body without changing the scale.

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9/28/12 12:15 P

I went to an endocrinologist and they tested my thyroid. It came back in the "normal" range. When I told her I have no libido she said (and Im paraphrasing) we as women get the poop end of the stick. Thats when I knew it was time to seek out a different doctor. I live in Mass so I knew of a place I could go. I emailed them and they recommended a Dr. He wants to see my thyroid test. Just because it falls in the "normal" range doesnt mean its normal for me. I was so relieved to hear that because it wasnt the first time I heard that. Don't give up hope. My doctor wasn't listening to ME! What is wrong with me and this new Doc is!! Don't let them tell you your fine.

Any time!!

9/28/12 11:24 A

Thanks for the feedback.

I reallly wish I knew which portion of this entire journey I'm not doing correctly. I track (I try to overestimate rather than under) I exercise at least 3 hours a week, I really try. I do not know why it isn't working, which is the frustrating part. I know this isn't a day trip, but if you would look over the course that I have taken, I'm sure it would be completely confusing as to how I could gain 10 pounds this summer with the way I live my life.

I have tried the doctors. My blood work is within normal limits. I haven't gone to an endroconologist yet, maybe I should. Eliminate the medical possiblities. I need to find out why I'm not being successful. Medical or not.

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9/28/12 11:14 A

I feel your pain! I am hopeless and I do everything right! I eat healthy, vegan actually, I work out regularly and track my food. yes there are days that I eat a little too much, but its not on cake, cookies, ice cream, chips and the likes of junk food. I cant loose weight and its frustrating. I am actually in the process of working with a new doctor. I am not hungry nor do I have an appetite. I dont feel hunger pains, growling sensation or anything like that. I still eat to fuel my body but I will get to the bottom of it.

Just keep asking doctors questions and find out. I know its discouraging but keep trying everyday.

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9/28/12 9:05 A

Hi Heather,

Firstly, I want to let you know that hope is not lost, you can do this, but you're going to need patience, perseverance and determination. You don't need to give up the foods you enjoy, but you must plan for them and you can't expect to eat them every day. We know that once we start eating a healthy diet, our bodies actually begin to crave healthy foods, but it's going to take time.

Studies actually show that those who lose weight for health vs just wanting to lose weight, are more successful not only losing the weight, but more importantly keeping it off. The reason, they make this a lifestyle and not just a quick means to lose the weight.

Take care! You can do this!

Coach Nancy

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9/28/12 8:51 A

Hey, I myself am just coming back to exercise and decent eating after a year of depression and weight gain. I feel like I've been doing this battle all my life. I was at my lowest weight about 8 years ago (oh, I wish I hadn't realised that) and ever since I've been struggling to keep it from the inexorable rise.

I think I have to look at the big picture, that I'm probably going to have a struggle most of my days with this, but it's a struggle that in the long run I can deal with. I can spend some time on the losing side if I get my moments in the sun, too.

Get your butt back up off the defeated bench! :)

You didn't say specifically what's sabotaging your progress. If you're "following the rules", it should be working. So where exactly is the problem? Are you not exercising enough, or do you need to change it up? Is your food diary honest? Are your goals reasonable? Your body has probably changed, but what can you do to feel good about it?

9/28/12 8:37 A

The battle of the bulge is on and I'm on the defeated side. I wish it was the losing side, but I actually have gained rather than lost anything. My youngest will be five in 2 months. I'm very sad that I am heavier now than I was after having him. I have been on Sparkspeople over a year. I have done Weight watchers. I have gone to two different doctors. I track my food. I exercise. I follow the rules. I'm just sad at this point. I have given up wanting to be "skinny". Now I just want to fit into the clothes I already own. It is a sad that I can't eat the good things in life because it will make it worse, but my best efforts are not enough to make it better. I'm stuck in the battle and I can't find a winning strategy. I would just like to know that I'm not the only one that has made no progress in 5 YEARS. Maybe I wouldn't be so sad.

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