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10/22/12 9:07 P

Kylar, I've found when I have more dairy (cheese in my case since I don't drink milk) than normal, I feel more ummm "backed up", despite having high fiber numbers.

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10/22/12 8:57 P

Thanks! I have seen the ones in the tube, when I hit the store tomorrow or Wed I will pick some up and if they are that awesome I'll have my grandmother pick some up at Sam's next time lol. I'm all for trying new things!

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10/22/12 7:54 P

Well, the dried prunes are delicious, even to my younger taste buds ;) The closest I can think of in taste is like a very sweet cherry. I find them addictive and have to consciously restrict myself to 3/day or else I have other kinds of problems LOL

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10/22/12 7:44 P

Shakeuptampa - try Sunsweet individually packaged prunes (they call them Ones, come in a tube), they are really really good. Moist and sweet. The plastic package helps a lot to minimize the sticky finger problem... They last a long time at room temperature. If you still don't like them- well, Halloween is coming up!

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10/21/12 11:29 A

Prunes intimidate me...I always associate them with old age. Is there anything they taste similar too that I might have already eaten in my life before buying some lol

STEPHEN_NANNY SparkPoints: (10,496)
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10/21/12 7:16 A

I had the same problem. Rather than over-think it, I bought a big bag of dried pitted prunes from Costco and I eat 3 per day. Problem solved.

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10/21/12 6:20 A

Maybe your dairy intake is the reason for the change, if it's increased recently. Some people do find dairy constipating. You may just have accidentally discovered your own personal dairy threshold for that effect. :)

My only other thought is that maybe your new meat intake inadvertently pushed out some other high fiber food. Suddenly dropping fiber intake after getting used to higher fiber can cause such problems.

A safe though slightly gross on-the-spot aid for getting hard stool out is to use a glycerin suppository. It really works, although bring a book because you have to keep it in about 15 minutes before trying again... They last forever in the medicine cabinet, too, if you rarely have the problem. I bought a little jar of them decades ago.

JWOOLMAN SparkPoints: (939)
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10/21/12 6:08 A

You might try using Metamucil (psyllium seed) in whatever form you like. It's not really a laxative but normalizes bowel function by its gel-forming properties. They peddle it for constipation but it also helps diarrhea. People with irritable bowel syndrome find it helpful, for instance.

Make sure you drink a lot of water with Metamucil and also with any high fiber food. Metamucil come in pills, powders, and cookies. If you opt for the cookie form - just take a small bite, then a good portion of water, another bite etc. This helps avoid the sticking to the teeth phenomenon. The cookies are tasty, by the way, if you can afford the calories.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
10/20/12 2:37 P

LOL Kylar... :)

FROOBERT I have heard that myth before about plants and meat together. Unfortunately it is a myth. I don't have a cite any more myself to prove that. But yeah, it's just one of those food fads that people think makes a difference but doesn't - like eating different protein strings at the same meal so they're all available (nope - just get them over the day, not necessarily at the same meal).

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10/19/12 10:20 P

When I first started my plan back in Feb. and started eating way more veggies and fruit than I have ever eaten, my regularity changed. I eventually became more regular and not as loose. Then here recently when I reached my goal and have been eating a bit more to maintain and eating more protein for weight lifting, it began to change again. So different foods definitely cause changes.

I find having a green smoothie at some time during the day is very helpful. On the days that I don't have them and tend to eat more meats, I can again tell the difference. So if you are having any issues, just look at your tracker and try to figure out the foods you ate prior to those issues. You may just find it there.

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,233)
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10/19/12 9:05 P

As far as the fruits/veggies I eat 2-3 fruits (wish I could eat more cuz they're so delicious, but they fill my carb room quick) and 4-5 servings of veggies a day, at least during the week. I don't do as well on the weekends. Another thing is that I had a lot more dairy this week, greek yogurt and cottage cheese, to make up for the missing protein. They where also out of skim at the store the day I went so I had 2% milk. So instead of 2 glasses of skim milk a day, it was 2 glasses 2% and about a cup of non-fat greek yogurt or lowfat cottage cheese a day.

Aw well, its not an overly big issue. I just made chili with kidney beans and will make black bean salsa chicken Sunday, so my fiber should be even higher next week haha.

And to the person who said meat and plants shouldn't be eaten at the same time... I can't say anything that won't get me kicked off this site back to you

10/19/12 8:44 P

Interesting topic, but I'd like to see some reference from FROOBERT on his/her post here. Not that I doubt, but I just want a reference since this is the first time I've heard this. Yes, veggies and meat do digest differently, but I'm not quite sure that eating them at the same times should be a problem -- except maybe while the original questioner is adapting to eating something not eaten much recently before. Just curious.

GRAMCRACKER46 SparkPoints: (29,148)
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10/19/12 7:22 P

I just want to add this note: If you are getting more fiber, you need to drink more water.

FROOBERT Posts: 159
10/19/12 6:33 P

I read a book about raw food eating that made a lot of sense, as far as digestion goes. Meats and plant matter, ideally, shouldn't be eaten together at all. Plants digest quickly and meat does not, so if you eat them together, the plants don't digest well. You could end up with stomach trouble! :(

I know that's hard when you have to prepare meals for families. If you have to eat everything together, I recommend taking an enzyme. You can find digestive enzymes at
I take one when I eat a particularly large meal or a meal with lots of bread that I know will be hard on my stomach. ( i'm a vegetarian, but when i did eat meat, i always took one with a meal ) The enzyme helps break down the food quickly so that you won't have those issues. Thanks to those, I haven't had any bathroom troubles in months! I go 2-3 times a day like clockwork, lol.

When I was a teenager, I had the wooorst stomach troubles. I had to take pepto bismol almost every night and even went through several weeks of constipation and horrible stomach cramps. I was lucky to go number two once every few days. Now that I'm older, I have more control over what I subject my poor tummy to. :p

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DAVIS_6311 Posts: 214
10/19/12 4:13 P

I have been having this issue (same as ShakeItUpTampa) since I had my son in March and since I have been tracking my food here on sparkpeople I have realized Im not eating NEARLY enough fiber. On a typical day I need 25-35 and I only get about 9. So the past few days I have taken the time to get more fiber in my diet and Im going like normal again! So if your not already track your daily fiber intake and see where it is.

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10/19/12 3:52 P

Kind of glad someone else posted this, not my exact issue...but for over two weeks now instead of going daily like I used to...I'm lucky to go once every 2-3 days. I am making sure to get my salads, fruits, veggies...and then for some reason I realized I was taking a prenatal from Jan-Sept when we were going to prepare to TTC and I was going regular in the I added taking one of them a day instead of the two since we are on a hiatus till the weight comes down and cycle returns. My grandmother who is a nurse said to keep eating my salads but I just find it weird I CAN'T go like I did normal. Now Dr said might need to add in some coffee my system might be triggered by caffeine a bit since starting back on SP I have not had sweet tea, regular sodas (maybe one rootbeer in a month), or frappes from McDonalds and even though those were bad for me so much sugar has been pulled from my normal ways my body is kind of freaking out.

I will just advise DON'T force or can cause damage in that region. Absolute last MIL takes miralax to help her. I know if I have a stomach ache but don't feel I can go take 2 mint calcium tabs like TUMS and within the hour normally I can...IF I could get the feeling to go.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
10/19/12 3:45 P

No awkwardness - you don't know something so ask. The fact it's toilet-related is not a problem! :)

Normally, fibre and fruit would help move things alonge. You say you get "lots" of fruits - how much is lots? When I started doing 5-7 servings just of fruit (never mind vegies) a day, I started being TOO loose in the bathroom and had to cut back!

It's normal to go 2-3 times a day, not just once. So the feeling of needing to go may not be an issue. However, the consistency and difficulty of passing is a problem, yes.

I can't imagine the meat choices would do that on an ongoing basis. Maybe it's your body getting used to dietary changes.

You could try those yoghurts that are promoted to help improve bowel habits. They may offer some assistance in keeping things smooth and moving regularly.

If no improvement in another week, see a doctor.

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,233)
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10/19/12 2:14 P

So this is awkward, but maybe someone here can point something out to me. This issue only came up this week. Well I'm feeling like I need to go multiple times a day, where it used to be only once normally. Then when I sit down, either I can't or I have to force hard. My fiber should be good, I'm getting about 30g each day, lowest was 27. Lots of fruits and veggies and whole grains. The only thing I changed with my diet this week vs. the past two is that I'm eating meat besides chicken regularily for the first time in a while. Could extra lean beef and pork chops be whats doing this to me? I love chicken breast and view it as the greatest source of lean protein, but at some point in life I'm gonna have to get away from it haha.

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