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Banana, Lime and Hummus

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Fitness Minutes: (18,019)
Posts: 421
8/4/13 9:50 P

Thank you to each of you for responding to my querie! Your responses are most helpful. It was also interesting to see that some of your don't follow th SP menu's. Since eating my way led me to be 100 lbs over weight, I thought I should try another way; namely SP. But that doesn't seem to be working all that well either. Thank you all again for your input! Blessings for your journeys.

Posts: 14,728
7/28/13 7:32 A

Adapt anything here on Spark to suit your personal need--menu plans, exercise plans, etc. It's your personal site to use however you best see fit to reach your personal goals.

SparkPoints: (74,206)
Fitness Minutes: (61,675)
Posts: 2,489
7/28/13 7:09 A

The Spark menu plans are not mandatory...

I never use them and have them turned off. I eat the foods I want to eat (healthy choices of course).

You can also substitute meals for other meals or specific food items for other items by clicking on them. You'll get a list of similar items from the same food group.

Posts: 2,667
7/28/13 6:36 A

I think I'd have to agree with the other respondent.

Hummus with veggie sticks
Banana for dessert
Lime in my water

That's the best I can do

(of course you could make the hummus with the lime instead of lemon, but that's about it for my imagination just now)

Posts: 2,299
7/28/13 1:17 A

I don't use the spark menu plans so I've never seen this myself, but, I have to imagine it is a "menu suggestion" and not a "recipe." Nothing good could possibly come from mixing these three foods together. However, you could have celery stix and cucumber slices to dip in a serving of hummus, with a banana for dessert. Perhaps the menu plan was just tossing two fruits in there, and being a program and not a human being with actual taste buds, didn't realize that "lime" isn't exactly a "fruit choice" that you eat solo.

SparkPoints: (19,966)
Fitness Minutes: (18,019)
Posts: 421
7/28/13 1:12 A

Several months ago I wrote and asked what anybody knew about this menu item. My response from a coach was that she had never heard of it and couldn't find it on any of my SP menus. It appeared on my SP menu again today, Saturday, July 27. It still sounds awful but am I really expected to eat it? If so, how is it done?

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